A critique of Dead Island

GamePron: Dead Island was slammed by some critics and reviewers as a hideously broken game. Yet, as I’m writing this, the PS3 and XBOX versions have both outsold the original Deus Ex, a game that critics fell in love with; and the PC version topped Steam‘s sales charts multiple weeks running. What should this tell us?

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sonicsidewinder2407d ago (Edited 2407d ago )

Fear the power of advertisement.

(I never bought it.)


What? Backwards? well.. it IS a backwards game in some respects...

LightofDarkness2407d ago

So true. It also tells us that all you need to sell a game is a popular/current motif or icon and you've got a sale. Because as we widen our market and there are more gamers than ever before, there are also more idiots to be taken advantage of. And they're a VERY lucrative market.

"Zombies and GTA?! How could that possibly be bad?!"

"A soldier with a gun on the cover that looks kind of like Call of Duty? It must be just as good!" (honestly, COD does set the bar kind of low)

"A modded car and a hot chick on the cover? GOTY!"

"Aliens? Swords? What is this gay sh*t?! It must be awful!"

D3mons0ul2407d ago (Edited 2407d ago )

With the rise of Call of Duty and other shooters, many people who would not otherwise be "gamers" now call themselves such and speak over everybody else.

This is also why less and less JRPGs are being localized stateside. Jp devs see this kind of "criticism", see what kinds of games are top sellers in America, compare that to the sales of their latest game and assume that nobody likes their games anymore.

Quite frankly it's bullshit

LightofDarkness2407d ago

Gigantic agree. I miss my JRPGs :(

Just do your thing, Japan, that's what we love you for. Capcom has made it painfully obvious that Japanese developers can't compete with Western games at being Western games, so be Japanese. I want crazy giant robots that would be utterly impractical to use; scantily clad ninja women in elborate-to-the-point-of-usele ssness attire; crazy magic spells that nuke cities (but for some reason can't kill a small insectoid), and zany stories about evil empires and magic technology. Bring it all back.

wallis2407d ago

I thought it was a fun game. Borderlands loot, condemned melee, and a massive open world filled zombies and collectibles. That's what sold the game because that's what people thought it would be and that's a cool sounding game. Yeah it was shot in the foot by some pretty bad design choices but just because a game is in the 7-8 rating category doesn't mean we have to start talking about it like it's an absolute failure of a creation that should be spat on.

You know in any other industry a 7 or 8/10 is a fucking good score. Why is it in the games industry any game that doesn't get 9/10 gets talked about like it's a huge failure. Dead island is a good game. No it's not great and taste plays a large part in the process but the fact so many people bought and enjoyed it means there's something to it.

KonGreat2406d ago

I think it's cuz IGN started giving out really high scores to games. (I think the 10/10 that were given out for some games were from IGN) Then if other critics gave a 8 for a game that was pretty good, but just didn't have it get completely destroyed with comments because the score wasn't high enough. And then bla bla bla conspiracy the reviewer got paid to give a low score bla bla.

LightofDarkness2406d ago

Well, personally the game would have gotten more of a 6 from me. The game's presentation is abysmal, it is mired with game-breaking bugs and bad design choices, it's not spectacular graphically, the story isn't great or really existent to any relevant degree (numerous plot holes with the setting, too) and the gameplay itself is just about mediocre. I'd have given it this (PC):

Gameplay: 6.5 (does the job, but that's about it, inconsistent design choices)
Presentation: 5.5 (bugs-a-plenty, including game-breakers, crashes and sound bugs; PC controls were obviously unoptimized for KB/M; menus etc. fine)
Sound: 8 (quite good when it's doing what it's supposed to, soundtrack is good)
Graphics: 7 (looks good enough, but lacks any degree of character and certainly doesn't take advantage of the platform)
Tilt: 6.5 (reviewer's personal enjoyment, I didn't enjoy the game terribly for the reasons listed above but there was some fun to be had torturing the shambling residents of Banoi)
Overall: 6.7 (average, as it should be, otherwise this number is pointless)