XBLIG Spotlight: Flowrider - Review and Developer Q&A | Clearance Bin Review

"Did you ever play Super Sprint or Super Off Road? Odds are if you were born after 1990 the top-down racer has been a rare phenomenon in your gaming life (there was TNT Racers somewhat recently but… let’s just ignore that), but for a while the top down racer dominated the arcade circuit. Often these games had steering wheels that were basically about as effective as driving through a blizzard in a Prius with bald tires and no brakes; turn any direction, even slightly, and the odds were your car was going to start to spin in that direction, mocking you with each rotation… Okay, so it wasn’t really that bad, in fact the top down racers of the bygone arcade era were actually quite a bit of fun for a quarter, or fifty cents at the snooty arcades. Flowrider, a water based arcade racer definitely brings back memories of these almost ancient games."

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