Why is the Industry Doing Nothing to Combat Piracy?

Bitmob: I'm not a fan of piracy. Quite frankly, if somebody has the means to legitimately purchase something, be it a physical good or some sort of media, said person should do so. Pirating something you can buy, in my eyes, constitutes theft.

So why isn't the game industry doing anything to stop it?

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antihiroprotagonist2311d ago

piracy isn't theft, it's copyright infringement. Theft would equate to walking into a store and taking copies off the shelves. I'm not condoning piracy, but the two are definitely different

silvacrest2311d ago

to an extent, the terminology does not matter, if stopping piracy was doable it would have been done by now

IAmCornHolio2311d ago

Theft isn't a legel term. You are looking for the term larceny. No, software piracy is not larceny, but it still falls under the definition of "theft."

Real quick the defintion of theft refers to the word steal and we get the definition of steal as...

Steal - to take something that belongs to somebody else, illegally or without the owner's permission

So as you can see, Slashtard excuses aside, software piracy is very much within the defintion of theft.

Tzuno2311d ago (Edited 2311d ago )

Because piracy help the sales of machines that emulate the media and is the 0 cost way to make publicity to the thing they sell and if a game proves that good and the player wants to play online with it's friends it will buy the original copy.

VanguardOfCalamity2311d ago

Music has been "stolen" since cassette tapes could record the song off the radio ( or even before I'm sure ) and moves have been copied since beta and vhs cassettes have existed ( or even before I'm sure ) and games have been downloaded illegally since BBS boards ( or just making copies of store bought copies )

I think people forget that piracy in all its forms has existed for as long as technology has provided a way of doing it. As I am not condoning its use one must understand that it is grown hand in hand with whatever industry one could name - and like viruses are hacking its not as easy to shut down as closing some sites or suing a few thousand people.

to quote Jurassic Park "Nature finds a way"

IAmCornHolio2311d ago

Yes, right after Thomas Edison invented the movie camera he started stealing the movies that people were making with his camera and selling them, and not sharing any of the proceeds.

So it is cool with you that Thomas Edison did that right?

Superted20072311d ago

It's actually existed since first the oceans were plied for commerce

GraveLord2311d ago

Piracy is NOT theft. When you pirate a copy of Battlefield 3, EA LOSES NO MONEY AT ALL.

When you steal a copy of Battlefield 3 at Walmart you deny EA those $60.

Huge difference.