SteelSeries and Ignite Game Technologies Introduce the Simraceway SWR-Si Steering Wheel

GamerHome: "High-Performance, Low-Cost Motion-Sensor Wheel to Bring Authentic Racing Experience Within Reach of a Whole New Audience".

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stevenhiggster2255d ago

The wheel itself looks awesome, but I hate motion sensing wheels, you need a proper steering column it just isn't right without one.

icarusorigin2255d ago

I hate holding up the wheel, its pretty awkward.

iWishTifaWasReal2255d ago

BIG MISTAKE - not available for the current consoles

Somebody2255d ago

Can't you give PC gamers some slack?

The consoles have tons of EXCLUSIVE games that are not available for current PCs.

What else do you want?


iWishTifaWasReal2255d ago

what are you saying?

this is an accessory for DRIVING GAMES
this should be UNIVERSAL not only for PC.

heck Driving Force GT made by Polyphony (SONY) and Logitech is compatible with the PC even tho it was for the ps3 first.

Somebody2254d ago

Yes, I know it's supposed to be/will be a Universal controller once released.

I haven't seen a Gran Turismo game by Polyphony on the PC though. Shouldn't games also be universal as well? Not just limited as an exclusive to one particular platform.