Uncharted: Golden Abyss Preview - JTM Games

"Sony Bend has taken advantage of the Vita’s touch screen functionality and implemented gameplay innovations around it. For example, players can use their fingers to swipe the direction they want Nathan to swing towards.

Players can also pick up items on the ground just by taping the item on the screen."

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ZombieAssassin2434d ago

I think this game will set the bar high for mobile gaming, can't wait to play it but I'll prolly wait about a year to see if they bring out a smaller version of the PsVita and hopefully it'll also have a tv out (and most likely a better screen) like they did with the PSP2000.

jtmgames2434d ago

You're probably right ZombieAssassin. There's a number of launch Vita games that have me salivating, but really its hard to go up against the iphone these days. Hopefully Sony manages to get it's fair share of the mobile gaming market.

jspencep2434d ago

I know it would probably be best if I could hold off on the Vita and not be an early adopter. We all saw what happened to the early adopters of the 3DS....
But i dont know if I can wait, what with all the strong launch titles. If they do come out with an improved model in a year I might just sell mine and buy the new one. Chances are the price might be lower anyways...
We will just have to see what happens in February...

jtmgames2434d ago

Also, let's see how Japan reacts to the PS Vita. It releases December 17th there. If the 3DS tanked there, the Vita's going to need some kind of Miracle to achieve success.

ZombieAssassin2434d ago

The only reason I think I'll be able to hold off is because they're are still so many games for my ps3 I still haven't played and a bunch coming out next year as well. If any game pushes me to buy one though it'll be UcGA and prolly the Killzone title.

dcortz20272434d ago

I can't wait for this little portable beast to come out next year. Good times await!

ironmonkey2433d ago

bring the online games and im sold!