Maki Goto incites the rage of Japanese gamer fanboys

Tokyohive: The Japanese show “Downtown DX” took a trip into pop singer Maki Goto’s residence recently, and it was revealed that her home has quite a sizable (by Japanese standards) gaming room, and it would seem that she’s quite a dedicated gamer.

While many fans were glad to see that she’s into video games, it was shown that she had two Wiis, two televisions, and an Xbox 360, but no PlayStation 3.

Given the huge amount of console wars and console fanboys, it’s no surprise that this quickly became an issue of discussion on the Internet, with Wii and Xbox 360 fans showering her with praise and PlayStation 3 fans in disbelief.

Netizens ("internet citizens") commented, “Two Wiis lol what for lol“, “There is no PS3“, “What about a PS3?“, “GoMaki is no true gamer“, and “She says that she is a true gamer, but yet she doesn’t even have a Playstation 3… strange.”

The whole console war issue is such a tired and pointless debate, and I honestly don’t know why the Japanese netizens have to make a big deal out of it.

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Troll-without-Bridge2317d ago

Lol ps3 fanboys are creepy worldwide.

KonaBro2317d ago

Trolls like you who think their opinion actually matters is creepy too. Stay salty kid.

D3mons0ul2317d ago

You're both dumb. Knock it off.

Troll-without-Bridge2317d ago

So because i said Ps3 fanboys are creepy based on the article... im a troll now? Nice logic

cpayne932317d ago

Your name IS troll without a bridge. =P

gamingdroid2317d ago

LOL.... regardless, this is pretty funny.

qwertyz2316d ago (Edited 2316d ago )

Ps3 fanboys are in a league of their own true gamers own gaming PCS and don't do much gaming on horribly outdated hardware ala ps3/360 in fact thee consoles aren't even nearly as powerful as ultra spec late 2005 pcs if you take those late 2005 ultra spec pcs and optimize for them the same way devs optimize for consoles you'd get far superior visuals than anything consoles can ever produce.

Consoles do have some good exclusives though (ps3 in particular and free online) but honestly these consoles where never powerful compared to late 2005 pc hardware not to speak of even 2006 and only have 512mb ram thats been outdated since 2004 :/

Consoles are now so outdated that just about every AAA game thats made it to pc over the last 4 years looks better than anything on consoles(and that includes UC3) for the worst you just have to max out AA and AF and increase resolution to 2560x1600 even modern warfare 2 with this technique destroys UC3 don't judge pc games by watching heavily compressed youtube vids play them for yourself and you'd get what I mean.
A number of pc games even make the best looking console games look worse than ps2 games(such as stalker:CP, battlefield 3, shogun 2, witcher 2,crysis, crysis:warhead, crysis 2,doom 3 with mods, gta4 with mods, metro 2033 and a few others). Its time for new consoles infact new consoles have been needed since 2006 the only thing saving consoles now are good exclusive games like gears, forza, GT, uncharted, killzone, alan wake, halo, resistance, LBP, red dead redemption etc

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Optical_Matrix2317d ago

I've always wondered what fanboy wars are like in Japan haha

Kyosuke_Sanada2317d ago

That's why when you are famous make sure you only own a Atari Jaguar.....

SuicidalTendencies2317d ago

This story is old as hell. Check the date. I'm fairly certain I've seen it posted on N4G before.

Pozzle2317d ago (Edited 2317d ago )

You might be thinking of this story I posted a few months back? She has pissed off Japanese gamers before:

WetN00dle692317d ago

She can do whatever the FCK she wants!
She has fame, money and BEAUTY!
The woman is a goddess! Me loves her very much!

SuicidalTendencies2317d ago (Edited 2317d ago )

No, I'm sure it was this story. I remember the picture.

Edit: Maybe not this exact story but similar cause I remember the article picture.

Silly gameAr2317d ago (Edited 2317d ago )

I think it was a Kotaku article they did about her and her gaming room.

stragomccloud2317d ago

I think that fanboyism is a global epidemic.

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