Metal Gear Solid 5 Confirmed: Who, What, When, Where, And Most Importantly… WHY?!


"It’s been years since we’ve had any sort of concrete information on Rising, the first Metal Gear Solid title to be done by Kojima Productions, but with Kojima himself not at the helm. We’ve known since the less than stellar Konami E3 “conference” that he is in fact up to a new project, but details are virtually nonexistent.

"Today, news has spread like wildfire that Metal Gear Solid 5 is real, being made, and that Kojima is at the helm."

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christheredhead2104d ago (Edited 2104d ago )

I am beyond stoked for mgs5. Main reason being is that I have absolutely no clue as to what direction kojima is going to take the series or how he is going to tie in the story. Mgs4 had an amazing ending, but if he can spin the game in a different direction then im all for it. So far the mgs series has yet to be a let down and I doubt that would change with mgs5.

PirateThom2104d ago

I still think a prequel is the most likely scenario, simply because MGS4 seems to end the story in every possible form.

Going back, there's a lot of history there, The Boss's missions during World War II, Big Boss's missions before the events of Snake Eater, FOXHOUND and Grey Fox, Snake's promotions through FOXHOUND.... so many parts they can pick and choose from.

christheredhead2104d ago

Yah, im thinking prequel as well just because the ending was so concrete. There are definitely a lot more stories that can be woven into the series. Prequel would be the obvious choice, but since that's what people are expecting I have a feeling kojima might take a different direction. We'll have to wait and see I guess. Pretty exciting stuff though.

Blacktric2104d ago (Edited 2104d ago )

Add Snake's work for Philanthropy too. We still have no idea what the hell happened between Metal Gear Solid 1 and 2 other than the fact that Snake defeated more than enough Metal Gear prototypes around the world...

Megaton2104d ago

The only one I'm interested in is The Boss.

a_bro2104d ago

Ocelot. I would want to play from his perspective, that would be awesome.

Intentions2104d ago

Oooo that's pretty kewl. I've heard that MGS is a sweet series.

But.. Is it highly recommended for me to purchase the other games in the series before playing this game, if so should I get all of the games or a select few? (new ps3 owner here).

ceedubya92104d ago

@ intentions:
You probably don't have to go back and play the previous if you don't want. You can probably catch up on all of the back story from wikis and youtube vids. However, playing the games is the best way to fully experience this series.

Fortunately, All of the major releases so far can be played on your new PS3. The Metal Gear solid collection is a must buy. It has part 2,3, and Peacewalker altogether at a discounted price. Also, I believe you can download MGS1 from PSN. MGS4 is really cheap these days as well.

Skip_Bayless2104d ago

If it goes to a Microsoft console on simultaneous release i'm gonna boycott it. The game won't be that good anyway if they have to make two versions of the game anyway.

malol2104d ago (Edited 2104d ago )

PS3 exclusive or im not buying
im no fanboy but i cant see me playing MGS on something other than a PS
even tho i have a nice PC and game on that most of the time

same thing with XBox game i cant see my self playing GeOW on something other than an Xbox

morganfell2104d ago (Edited 2104d ago )


Unlike this article, which fails to offer a shred of proof, Kojima has stated publicly he is working on a PS3/Vita title. Not a PS3/360 title. Not a PS3/WiiU title. Not a PS3/360/WiiU title, but rather a PS3/Vita title that will use Transfarring.

Also the article says that Rising is the first Metal Gear title without Kojima at the helm. This is false as well. The Twin Snakes was not Directed by Kojima. Although he approved the material, he did not have a day to day hand in the development. The game is based on his writings, but he did not run the production nor did he direct it, not even the cut scenes which were the responsibility of Ryuhei Kitamura.

And as stated above, the article says, "Today, news has spread like wildfire that Metal Gear Solid 5 is real, being made, and that Kojima is at the helm."

Really? Spread from where? What proof do they offer? They fail to mention the only thing we have on which to go, the only real 'solid' details are here:


The other suspicious item is that Kojima says he has 3 ideas for MGS5. Such comments are meant for pre-planning stages. Unless that is a very old quote then MGS5 may not be the current game on which he is working and will not be here for some 3-4 years whuch would plant it as a next gen title.

CDbiggen2104d ago

More Big Boss would suit me fine.

DatNJDom812104d ago

You want to know whats hilarious. The same hypocrites saying MGS4 was a "movie" and that it was boring are wishing to have the new MGS game on 360. LOL! Well theres always Rising. xD

Anyways, please KEEP IT EXCLUSIVE. I dont want the REAL MGS taking a hit in quality to cater to 360. DONT DO WHAT SQUARE ENIX DID! FF13 quality was lowered because of the 360. Look on the bright side though, 360 still sells more in NA.

sikbeta2104d ago (Edited 2104d ago )

It should be a prequel or sequel of MGS2, straight from the beginning/end of that game, MGS"add title or number here" Featuring Snake alone as the main Character

banner2104d ago

Really... You guys wouldn't play the game if it goes multi?!

Kinda sh!t is that.. Some of you are just too sensitive.

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BlindGuardian2104d ago

allowed me to predict the story: another clone of Snake, Liquid possesses someone else, dystopian setting in the near future, yada yada yada

anyway, let's hope stays PS3 exclusive

christheredhead2104d ago

Your prediction might not be far off hahaha. Yet, i dont think ps3 exclusive will have any bearing on the quality of the game. They could still make ps3 lead and do multiple discs on 360. I mean, with the release of the hd collection on the xbox i would say its a safe bet that its going to be on 360. I will still play mgs5 no matter how many platforms it gets released on.

Micro_Sony2104d ago (Edited 2104d ago )

Kojima already stated that all Konami games will be multi-plat.

Those the reason for creating the fox engine so all version can be identical.

Sony will have to give Konami alot of $$$$$$ in order to keep MGS5 exclusive. Remember that this game will more than likely be released on for platforms - WiiU,360,PS3 and PC so that allot of money that will be made.

mt2104d ago

shut up sir, noone can predicts what hideo kojima has in his mind.

andrewsqual2104d ago

There is no reason that Sony would have to pay "alot of $$$$$$" for an exclusive MGS as they have NEVER paid a penny before so I have no idea where you are coming from sir.

PirateThom2104d ago


Yep, PS3 and Vita or PS4 and Vita.... like Kojima already said his next projecy would be.

hellvaguy2104d ago

In theory, the game could a lot better if multiplatform. It would give them a far bigger budget to work with.

GMWPS32104d ago

I have a feeling this will be a PS4 title maybe for launch in 2013 as I really believe the new consoles will start rolling out from christmas 2012.

MysticStrummer2104d ago

Most of the MG games have appeared on other platforms so I doubt it will be PS exclusive.

sikbeta2104d ago


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showtimefolks2104d ago

I only clicked on this article to answr the WHY part

If we can get a new COD and AC game every year when there is no clear need. And when we get these so called can't miss AAA games every year than why can't we get a MGS which is actually done right and the story makes sense. Peace walker was a prequel and it was a great game

As long as there is MGS fan base I say keep releasing it because I know millions will buy a good MGS game. How about you all complain about a new AC game every year when that series cleary needs more time for fresher ideas but no I don't see many complaining about that yet a game that takes 2-3 years of development and is actually above average y'all have a issue with?

Gaming community just doesn't make sense any more. As long as it's your fav series it's ok but when it's another game series y'all want it gone away

2pacalypsenow2104d ago

Agreed i love MGS there's still plenty to tell in the story

Crazyglues2104d ago

all I got to say about this is one word - SSSSnnnaaaaakkkkkeeee!!!!!


BlmThug2104d ago

I want it for next gen systems so that it would be amazing and to its potential and also because it would have a higher chance of coming to the Xbox

Liquid_Ocelot2104d ago

Father!!!!!!!!!!!!! My time has come!!!!
Let's show the world who I really am!!!!!! :)

ThanatosDMC2104d ago

Hoping it'll be Naked Snake instead of Solid. Big Boss is just too awesome!

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life doomer2104d ago

I'm so exited, I hope it's exclusive to ps3.

DonaldBeck2104d ago

i hope so too, so they can make the graphics the best metal gear solid 5 can be.