Portal 2 - Game of the Year 2011 Nominee Portal 2 is an enthralling, hilarious and challenging puzzle game that expands on the successful formula of its predecessor. It attempts to answer many of the questions we were left with after the first game, doing so by aggrandizing the experience with a bigger scope, more characters and a far more intriguing narrative.

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CaptainSheep2255d ago

Yep! My vote for GOTY! But I want Wheatly to win Best Male Performance more than I want this game to win GOTY. o__o

PhantomTommy2255d ago

Really liked this game, I freakin love Valve!

death2smoochie2255d ago

Fantastic choice.
Its one of the freshest games out and is amazing.
IMO Portal 2 should win hands down.

optimus2255d ago

I stopped playing the 1st after I got stuck having to use the portals to climb out of this huge chasm but the game was great up until then. From what I've read I'm sure the 2nd is just as good.

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The story is too old to be commented.