5 Years Of PS3, Top 5 Exclusives

The PlayStation 3 is celebrating its 5th anniversary and to celebrate, PSXE has selected the top 5 exclusives on the system. No easy decisions here!

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DonaldBeck2436d ago

uncharted 2/3
metal gear solid 4
demons souls
gran turismo 5
god of war 3

putting only 5 though is a travesty.

these games deserve a top 5 spot as much as the ones i listed first

heavy rain
heavenly sword
resistance 1

BitbyDeath2436d ago

Personally i'd trade demon souls with Warhawk but otherwise you have a pretty solid list.

Motorstorm series also needs recognition tho

DonaldBeck2436d ago

yes it does, its a really fun racing game.

knifefight2436d ago

Looking forward to lots of comments along the lines of "What!? No ____(name of game the commenter really likes)___!?!? I call BS! Flamebait! Trying for hits!"


fOrlOnhOpe572436d ago

Killzone 2 deserves to be on that list, though Im damned if I know where. Same goes for LBP. Both stellar titles for the PS3.

Jonah_Reese2436d ago

I can't structure a top 5 list, too hard, I'll be fighting with myself over certain titles.

fOrlOnhOpe572436d ago

The fact that you would have a problem with a list of ten games, shows the range and quality found on the Playstation has something for everyones interest.
Its a case of quality AND quantity.

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