CNBC: Xbox 360 on the Rocks - TV News Report (Video Clip)

A look at the overheating Xbox and a new lawsuit seeking class action status, with CNBC's Jane Wells & Jim Goldman.

The TV news clip is 4 minute long. The video segment interviews (multiple) gamers who have (multiple) faulty Xbox 360 consoles, a class action attorney, and a market analyst. The news report covers: the "red ring of doom", a class action lawsuit against Microsoft over Xbox 360 troubles, holiday sales figures, competition from Nintendo and Sony, and more.

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marinelife93953d ago

As usual the main stream media is a few months behind enthusiasts. Expect MS to release a statement soon to explain to the average Joe consumer that its okay to purchase a 360 again. They'll probably have Major Nelson do it.

MADGameR3953d ago (Edited 3953d ago )

The X Box 360 is ONE HOT product! Its actually hotter than Vida Guerra! ROFL!

Meus Renaissance3954d ago (Edited 3954d ago )

The media turning against Xbox 360 lately. And why are hardware failures getting so much coverage now like it's a new thing?

EDIT: Just watched the video, the Halo effect. More people bought the console for the game and thus the reports of failures have increased.

What I don't understand is, for the consoles that are returned to Microsoft, why do they replace them with the old design and not the ones with the Falcon?

gamesR4fun3954d ago

Could be the checks form M$ have stopped coming that or the news channels feel they need to give us some truth do to overwhelming facts...

deeznuts3954d ago

I think the falcons are getting toasted too. Notice there's been no reports of reduced failures because of Falcon?

I'm speculating of course.

razer3954d ago (Edited 3954d ago )

the checks from Sony are now starting to roll in..

Wasn't it the 360 fanboys who were screaming how CNBC was biased and that they are owned by MS??

Hrm... Yea, typical azzbackwards hypocrites I come to expect from this site.

razer3954d ago Show
Meus Renaissance3954d ago

That is un-called for. Calm down and think please edit your comment. Fanboyish comments are one thing, but it's another thing when we get personal and bring our loved ones into the equation.

solar3954d ago

lmao! with your avatars your reply make me giggle. i can picture mr T. saying that to the little kid.

Blackmoses3954d ago

wrong time for this crap to be happening again.....

Mr_Kuwabara3954d ago

Hmm, the media seems to be really kicking on full gear with these Xbox 360 issues. Not good for MCSFT and horrible timing since the holidays are a fart away.

I almost feel sorry for them since a representative came to my university to talk to me for a scholarship. =P

ARBitrator3953d ago

The timing of these news stories are hardly coincidental.