Lens of Truth Head2Head: Assassin’s Creed: Revelations Analysis

Lens of Truth writes - "Welcome back for another exciting Head2Head! This time we will be looking at this year’s new Assassin’s Creed title. Over the series’ lifespan, there has always seemed to be a little bit more going for the 360 version in the past. Overtime however, the PS3 versions of this series have gotten a little better with each release. Could this new entry be the game that matches or even surpass the 360 version, or will this old habit of shoddy porting die hard? Lets put this “Revelation” under the lens and discover what lies beyond in both versions."

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Tempjf2382d ago

Holy screen tearring Ezio! Looks like a flat out tie to these eyes!

FACTUAL evidence2382d ago (Edited 2382d ago )

A birthday win for the ps3. Also it's my moms b-day today happy b daaaay! loll.

MAJ0R2382d ago

the cutscenes look a little less washed out in the PS3 version, other than that they look pretty much identical

DonaldBeck2382d ago

yes stonecold3, the Playstation 3 version is better than the xbox3360 version that they were comparing it too.

potedude2382d ago

Looks pretty close, I think the PS3 just wins it. The textures are a little sharper on the PS3 and some of the screen shots are a little blurry on the 360.

PS3 is a little darker too, I prefer that look.

Motorola2381d ago

I agree. But someone explain why they only used the first 20 minutes of the game for the H2H. What about the city? Go to a high point overlooking the city and screen cap it on each console. Not that hard LoT....

DonaldBeck2382d ago

ps3 wins it, big time.

but i dont think lens of truth uses full RGP on the ps3 versions of games all of the time, because some games they compare make the ps3 version looked washed out, it looks like they finally used RGP in this comparison finally.

Soul Train2382d ago

Its actually RGB, and they have had it set to "Full" on the PS3 forever. Check their FAQ page.

Tapioca Cold2381d ago

You are not supposed to use "RGB Full" on a television, nor are you supposed to have the HDMI expanded (360) on televisions. It just causes black crush and goes to show me that YOU and most others out there (gaming websites) have no idea what they are talking about. Black crush just takes away details.

byrnezy2382d ago

Pretty close, maybe ps3 by a bees ____

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The story is too old to be commented.