Microsoft's Xbox 360 Issues: Just How Bad Are They?

CNBC's Silicon Valley Bureau Chief Jim Goldman - Nov. 29, 2007:

"It's the kind of news at the kind of time that Microsoft must be brooding over: the blogosphere is rife with meltdown messages from Xbox users all over the country. Extended play--the kind associated with new blockbuster titles like Halo 3 and Call of Duty 4 -- leading to system crashes, overheating, and frustration."

Goldman interviews the gamer and attorney who are currrently involved in a class action lawsuit against Microsoft over the Xbox 360 meltdown. He also speaks to Microsoft and a Wall Street executive.


Goldman has an update at the bottom of his article: "More than 310,000 Xbox 360 consoles sold in the U.S. for the week of Nov. 18, including Black Friday, ..."

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lockload3887d ago

UPDATE: More than 310,000 Xbox 360 consoles sold in the U.S. for the week of Nov. 18, including Black Friday, rounding out its third holiday season on the market. While Xbox 360 consoles continue to generate great consumer demand, the strength of the Xbox 360 ecosystem remains unmatched by any console on the market.

360 outselling the PS3 2:1

PS3 fanboy am cry..

Meus Renaissance3887d ago

In America. 360 outselling the PS3 in America.

Peekay3887d ago

insecure much?

this article is the same dam one posted three times.

And also - aren't these estimates? why does everyone keep saying sold definitively? If true - good for Microsoft.

The Killer3887d ago

the best way to make it clear is by showing numbers and percentages comparing to the previous week and non of the 3 consoles have don that! so shut it!! we dont know if 310k sold in 1 week or 3 week!! if it was in 1 week then they should have said the numers comparing to the previous week!! but we all know how especially MS ability of spinning numbers!! i remember last year they said they have sold 10M console then after 1 or 2 months the confirmed they surpassed that number and after 10 months they say 360 sale is 11.6M!!! man i cant trust them with numbers!! i rather trust sony percentages than 360 numbers!!

skagrerrrr3887d ago

had any issues with my 2 xbox360s

The Killer3887d ago

its because u have 2 360's!! so the pressure is less on each! but if u had 1 then its over!! if u have enough money then y dont u buy a ps3??
its good to have ps3 and 360 togather!! but i prefare sony product bcuz they r reliable!

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Meus Renaissance3887d ago

"More than 310,000 Xbox 360 consoles sold in the U.S. for the week of Nov. 18, including Black Friday"

Does that mean a week, or from November 1st to November 18th? I hope its the later because if Microsoft sold over 300,000 in just ONE week they will have blown away Sony this holidays. I mean I estimated, based on Sony's percentage increase, that they've sold around 70-90,000 a week this November, and that figure is not even half of what MS have sold IF this is in regards to weekly sales and not taking into account the whole of November up to the 18th.

RadientFlux3887d ago

It's hard to tell, all companies spin there numbers somewhat.

lockload3887d ago

>> for the week of Nov. 18, including Black Friday,

mikeslemonade3887d ago

If you own multiple 360s then there is less chance of breaking. Major Nelson has 4 or 5 360s and non have broke as he claims. That's exactly what MS is trying to make you to do is to buy multiple consoles to increase sales and that would attract more developers. Since they can't sell in Japan or Europe there trying to make Americans buy more than 1 console which is a pretty messed up thing because we all know Americans are the most blind.


Where does it say it outsold Ps3 2:1?

360Crusader3887d ago

I thought those numbers were North America as in Canada and Mexico too?

travelguy2k3887d ago

I live in Mexico where the minimum wage is approx. $5.00 USD per DAY and a PS3 costs approx. $740.00 USD so the amount of people here that can afford one is minimal. Also the Wii is over $400 USD and the 360 Elite is $550 USD. i think the price for the 360 is so similar because of NAFTA, its built is the USA so its included in the free trade agreement, no import tax.

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