Blitz project lead explains lack of late hits in EA’s Blitz

GamesRadar writes: "After getting hands-on with the game yesterday (check back next week for a full preview) we noticed that there were no late hits at all. Stranger yet, it looked like they were only recently taken out – ball-carriers still leapt to their feet after a tackle and went into a defensive stance, as if they were waiting to be punched in the face. So what’s the deal? We asked Dave Ross, Project Lead for NFL Blitz, about the omission."

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Solidus187-SCMilk2462d ago (Edited 2462d ago )

It isnt Blitz if there are no late hits.

yeah that rhymes and I didnt mean to either. Why bring the pussification of the NFL into the BLITZ series.

I love NFL football but latley they are cracking down on good hits, not just bad ones, in college and NFL football now a days. Now blitz is taking out late hits because they dont want to offend people or the NFL. Well the fans of the blitz series want over the top violent football that other games dont have, and the late hits were part of that in the old awesome blitz games.

Whats the point of blitz if you dont totally disregard the rules like the old blitz games.

The fact that the NFL had any say in the game at all makes me worried. The NFL is trying to Nerf defense and fine defensive players for doing their job, even on the perfectly legal hits often. Now the NFL is nerfing the blitz series.

ATi_Elite2462d ago

Football is becoming such a sissy's dam near two hand touch with all the rule changes.

Gotta watch Hockey to see good hits now a days but it won't be long before they screw that up too with Sid Crosby's concussion.

rdgneoz32462d ago

Seeing as EA got the license from the NFL to use its players' names, saying they should have 0 say in anything concerning their property is a bit dumb.

As for the NFL nerfing defense and handing out fines for doing their job... They're not paid to end someone's career. There are some hits that are clean hits, but still brutal to watch (and shouldn't be fined). But there are some hits that are dirty or players that play dirty that should be fined. Hell, tell me this is a "clean hit"...

Solidus187-SCMilk2462d ago

I know there are illegal hits, there always have been, I never said there were not illegal and bad hits in the NFL(there are alot of late hits and helmet to helmet especially).

But now they are way harsh with the flags and give out massive fines after the games even for legal hits that didnt even get flags during a game.

Im just saying that this isnt madden and isnt supposed to be realistic. the NFL have already done enough in recent years to nerf the defense in the actual NFL, we dont need them nerfing blitz too.

TheShow172462d ago

Does anyone know if this is a downloadable game or a full disc? I'd prefer a full disc, and it'd be a day one purchase.

As opposed to Madden and the obvious over-the-top gameplay, I want smooth gameplay and announcers. In Madden 12, I get Collensworth talking about up my QB, as I'm running 80 yards with Adrian Peterson. During the XP, I get Gus Johnson trying to get excited about the 80 yd td i ran 14 seconds ago!

I wank Blitz 2k, with liquid gameplay, sweet sound fx and good commentary (Gus Johnson would be perfect!). Add some extra plays over the Blitz 2k, and we're golden!