Opinion: Why PlayStation 3 Will Outsell Xbox 360

This month, the PlayStation 3 turns five. Having sold 55.5 million units worldwide since its launch (according to Sony's most recent numbers), the PlayStation 3 isn't living up to the unreal sales numbers of the PlayStation (102 million units sold since 1994) or PlayStation 2 (153 million units sold 2000), but it's holding its own against its closest rival, and, according to the numbers, will eventually outsell Xbox 360.

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Abash2468d ago

Well the PS3 has sold at a faster rate than the 360 each year, IGN is just stating the obvious really

Outside_ofthe_Box2468d ago

That isn't the point.

"Ok?" is the correct response. Does it really matter if the PS3 will outsell the 360?

morganfell2468d ago

No. It only matters if the 360 outsells the PS3.

nightmarex1212468d ago

I think it kind does, that validation will say hey the ps3 wasn't a completely failure. This is obvious the worst generation for sony but they can say at least we rise from the dead.

morkendo2468d ago

Does it really matter if the PS3 will outsell the 360?

old news

Intentions2468d ago

Either way it doesn't matter cos next gen is "apparently" closer than we thought.
If not I have both consoles so it doesn't matter to me.
Plus I don't care about sales.

SDF Repellent2468d ago (Edited 2468d ago )

Who cares at this point. Last generation the PS2 sold over 140 millions compared to the 25 millions or so Xbox 1. The X360 did great regardless of the excuses people made of the one year head start. The Sega Saturn and Dreamcast were released before the PS1 and two respectively, and look where Sega is now. Competition could only lead to better things. The PSN would not be where it is today if the X360 and Live would have folded.

Mustang300C20122468d ago

It doesn't matter at this stage now whether the 360 continues to outsell the PS3 or the PS3 marginally outsells the 360. MS is making money in the black with the 360. They don't care that they hold the title 2nd place or 3rd to the Wii. This is MS 2nd generation to Sonys 3rd and for MS to come do what they had to do in the 10 years and pioneer some stuff tells you that the numbers TODAY are not as important as what it was in 2006. I mean Sony fanboys have been riding to this day "oh man I can't wait for it to outsell the 360 just to say it did". MS has been making money on the 360, Sony has been losing money as a company. Both made mistakes. Both have been successful in their own ways. I own both and enjoy what both offer at the end of the day. I still believe the new systems are coming at least in 2013 but I welcome them coming next year. I don't see Wii U as a threat. Who is talking about Wii U besides the random mention about it from time to time? No buzz about it. No concern honestly.

Game13a13y2468d ago

this is old news because Sony is winning over MS worldwide ever since ever since. Not that I care about sales though.

DonaldBeck2468d ago

Its been outselling the 360since launch! are you kidding? there are still people who do not know this. how sad. -_-

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RedDevils2468d ago

Will I be a millionaire if the Ps3 outsell the 360?

ApplEaglElephant2468d ago

Everything i said is supported by both MS and Sony's yearly finacial report 10K.

and alot of 360 did die due to RROD.

i guess a lot of fanboys are mad that i spoke the truth.

LNDCalling2468d ago

@DK286K Not irrelevant if it means Sony is making money that can be invested into its next-gen console (PS4)!!

darthv722468d ago (Edited 2468d ago )

and has sold 55.5m units.

Anyone else find that interesting?

@reddevil...just having one enriches your life.

Rageanitus2467d ago


NO but for some reason Xbox fans... make a huge deal on sales on games like Halo and Gears

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Micro_Sony2468d ago (Edited 2468d ago )

Does it really matter who wins 2nd place at this point since both consoles have secured a spot for next gen.

Question: Why are we still paying $60 for a video games after 5 years of a console life and will the price ever drop.

I really can not afford to buy more than 10 games at $60 each next year.

darthv722468d ago

The ps3 will eventually surpass the 360 in overall sales. That doesnt mean anything really as both systems will have sold to great numbers.

This is the norm for things. Once everyone has bought one the next thing they buy is the other and so on and so on. It happpened in the Genesis/SNES days too.

Genesis had a great market share away from Nintendo but after a few years the SNES surpassed the Genesis. That didnt mean the Genesis flat out stopped selling. It wont mean the same thing for 360/PS3 either.

Now, as to the price of the games. Go back and look up the same situation during the early early-mid 90's and you will see similar questions of why this and why that. Publishers did actually lower the price of the games but they stated that it wasnt a permanent thing.

As cost to create increased so did desire for a return on investment.

BlindGuardian2468d ago (Edited 2468d ago )

I suppose they mean other reason than PS3 outselling the 360 every year since 2008

it's just a matter of time, also PS3 will kept selling long after MS had killed the 360

GuyManDude2468d ago

True that. I remember Aaron Greenberg spouting off the following in 2008:

"The PS3 is a third player, they are at risk of reaching a single digit market share. They are a premium priced product in a tough economic time. They have a tough position to try and sell a product." - December 10 2008

The PlayStation 3 currently has a market share of over 27%. They'll reach at least 80 million consoles sold, despite launching a year later with a $500/$600 price.

ATi_Elite2468d ago

about time the PS3 passes the Xbox 360 no one will care cause they will be playing on the Xbox 720 and getting ready to buy a PS4.

RedDevils2468d ago

only nerd and low life people care about which consoles sell more over the other

ZippyZapper2468d ago

No kidding, next gen will start by the time PS3 catches up, making it the loser. Better luck next gen Sony.

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Cenobia2468d ago


That doesn't even make sense...

You basically just said "Sony will sell more but they lose". Did you not notice that when you wrote it?

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princejb1342468d ago

i can't blame sony, the competition is just in a whole other level compared to the previous 2 gens

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Gunshot2468d ago

What year is this 2008?

ConsoleCreature2468d ago

Gotta' agree, every year is going to be THE year for the PS3.

GribbleGrunger2468d ago (Edited 2468d ago )

that's true actually. it has been, hence an 8 million gap being reduced to 2 million. think about it

tonywood2468d ago

Since its Lauch, every year was great for Sony's PS3. Same for 360 and Wii this gen. Sales are related to what people like....and the 3 consumers are buying all platforms.

Family/party- Wii
Shooters- 360
Adventure/Rpg- ps3

MaximusPrime2468d ago


Add "racing" to PS3

No really, every racing fans would choose to play on ps3 than Xbox 360

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stonecold32468d ago

should after this xmas and wasnt ps3 already at 56 million units sold ?

fluffydelusions2468d ago

55.5 according to Sony afaik

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Dunpeal2468d ago

ppl are STILL writing articles about this???? lol