Disgruntled Skyrim Fan Creates Fake Twitter Account, Pretends to be Pete Hines

A disgruntled fan assumes the identity of Bethesda's Pete Hines on Twitter.

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Trainz2461d ago

Once Pete Hines learns the identity of this 'imposter'.
He will beat him to oblivion!.....
Lol sorry.

Neoninja2461d ago

Don't be sorry man. It was cheesy but it gave me a laugh!

rizzo-rizzo2461d ago

Kids these days.. When they grow up to have children the next generation will be even bigger failures. Being pathetic to amuse yourself is not a healthy trait to pass on.

Canary2461d ago

I'd have a lot more tolerance for the twat if he did something witty with the fake account, or if he played it straight, did so to highlight, you know, legitimate issues.

But, no--he just wanted to be an ass in public.

Oh, how the Internet has changed the world. Back in the day, constant public ridicule taught people like this to shut the hell up and bottle all of their stupid down deep inside.

pctrollv42461d ago

how could u be mad at skyrim? i always hated elder scroll games..could not get psat the animations...skyrim is on another league, they fixed it and its a masterpiece!

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