Sony Drops 13-Year Advertising Partner for PlayStation

Adage reports:

"Sony Computer Entertainment of America Wednesday eliminated its agency of 13 years, TBWA/Chiat/Day, from a review for its $150 million PlayStation advertising account, according to a number of executives familiar with the situation.

TBWA was one of five finalists in the pitch. Two contenders, Publicis in the West, Seattle, and Deutsch, Los Angeles, apparently were called back to present further information. The remaining two, Venables Bell & Partners, San Francisco and RPA, Santa Monica, Calif., are said to not yet have been contacted".

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Skerj3952d ago

Wow, that's pretty foul. Granted they were slow earlier this year but the new breed of adverts are really awesome. That and they have the track record for the past 3 systems, I hope whoever they went with can take the helm and wear it proud.

BrianC62343952d ago

But isn't TBWA the company who worked on this latest campaign? I think they hired the outside firm to do them. Maybe Sony is going to go directly to them? From what I've seen SCEA doesn't need help. SCEE seems to based on their commercials.

2Negativecool3952d ago

This is the ad agency that started the whole "creepy crying baby" adverts, then frickin good riddance!

However, if not, this may have been a mistake in the worst way.

v1c1ous3952d ago

-less creepy ads that have nothing to do with gaming
-less racist billboards
-less graffiti art passing off as urban apathy instead of obvious corporate shrill to respond to their demographic

then good news!

BrianC62343952d ago

What do you mean less racist billboards? Where in the US are these racist Sony billboards?

Skerj3952d ago (Edited 3952d ago )

You just answered it, it wasn't in the US it was in Amsterdam for the PSP. But I didn't think they were inherently racist, in bad taste? Possibly, but nearly everything is these days.

Take a look for yourself:

If you look down, both women were on the offensive at given times.

killer_trap3952d ago

i think showing a 10 second gameplay footage of GT prologue is the best advertisement sony can make. no need for agencies or hired actors or anything. i say cut back on those things and drop the price another 50 dollars and you'll have a December you'll never forget sony.

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