Torchlight II Delayed, Runic Says Play Skyrim Instead

Escapist Mag: The crowded videogame release schedule might have had something to do with Baldree's decision to delay Torchlight II. "Besides, you're all playing Skyrim right now anyway, aren't you? Or Battlefield 3? Or Uncharted 3? Or Saints Row 3? Or Arkham City? Or Skyward Sword? Or Minecraft? Or Modern Warfare 3? Or Dark Souls? Or Assassin's Creed: Revelations?

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ATi_Elite2469d ago

All i know is they better release it quickly before Diablo III comes out.

The whole point of Torchlite was to fill the Diablo void.

ddelella2468d ago

or Halo CE Anniversary? or Gears of War 3? That doesn't mean we don't want another game to share our time with.

Drewminati2468d ago

totally agree they better bring it out soon, Personally diablo will run all over this game