Infinity Ward Ban Over 1600 MW3 Cheaters

Botchweed: "Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling has announced that the developer is coming down hard on those who choose to cheat in their shooter Modern Warfare 3. He confirmed in a tweet that over 1,600 people have already been banned and encouraged players to continue to report suspected cheaters"

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TheStee2504d ago

Good, serves them right, idiots.

lMHl2504d ago

I think mw3 is balls deep compaired to bf3


they are doing something about it and thats all i care about. im all for it

JBaby3432503d ago

I'm glad they are doing something about it. I can't stand glitchers and cheaters. Play the game right or get out. If you can't win the real way you're still losing.

Elyxir-pSx2503d ago

I got reported by some guy who claimed I was cheating because I was the only one on my team who could kill him lol.

Berserk2503d ago

You think maybe they are banning the ones with 2000 kill streak, or the ones with a 300 K/D? Just wondering...

Trainz2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

Wait people get banned for exposing glitches that should be patched out?
That's f*cked up.

@MidnytRain Forever in debt to your priceless advice...

MidnytRain2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

Not if they know what they're doing is wrong. The alternative at this point is to do nothing.

Intentions2504d ago

Not every game is perfect you know.

radphil2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

It's not f'ed up. People know what they're doing is wrong with the glitches to get an unfair advantage. These people aren't innocent in what they do on that situation at hand.

If you noticed a flaw within a security system and exploit it, would you cry foul for being told on and locked up?

Just curious on a side note but how is it that what Trainz said was acceptable when EA did it from people on here?

They yelled at EA for banning people for using glitches/exploits, and they were the bad guys.

GraveLord2504d ago

Pretty sure DICE did the same with Battlefield 3.
Its common practice to punish cheaters in online games.

But since this glitch isn't any sort of hack or mod I expect these to be temporary bans.

Halochampian2503d ago


Dice didnt ban them for exploiting "glitches." They just reset their stats since all they were doing were boosting their stats.

Mikeyy2504d ago


Really dude? Because you where able to fall through the ground, get under the map, and effectivly ahnilate everybody into a free MOAB, you feel thats ok?

Because its in the game, its a feature?

Entitlement people piss me off. Get off the Foodstamps bum.

JBaby3432503d ago

Nicely said. Bubs for you.

ZombieNinjaPanda2503d ago

If it's in the game, it's a feature. Doesn't mean it's not a bullshit feature that needs to be fixed, but it's still a feature. Get the shitty developer to fix it.

flyinrhyno2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

people get banned for cheating if u wanna expose it go to a private match and no one will report you. save videos and post to youtube, im glad cheaters are getting banned and hope they clean up the leaderboards and get rid of all that cheat

and they dont fall through @mikeyy they know what there doin, this guy i played against ran straight to the access point were he wormed his way through the wall.

Hudahudahuda2503d ago

While I do agree with banning hackers, I don't agree with banning glitchers. You see, the developers are the ones responsible for glitches, not the players, and while the people who abuse these developer oversights are indeed shameless bastards, the simple fact is that any player could potentially abuse these glicthes and thus they did not really have any unfair advantage over the other players.

2503d ago
calibann2503d ago

What part of joining a server you don't own, cheating on it, then getting banned for abusing the rules of the server (which are clearly stated in the T&C) sounds fucked up to you?

demetre722503d ago

@trainz Exposing them is one thing( and reporting them asap to developers ) but taking advantage of them is another ,
seriously the ones at fault were abusing of them and now it's time to pay the price lmao good riddance !!

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Neko_Mega2504d ago

About freaking time, I hate playing COD most of the time. Because of cheaters, that was the reason I stop playing MW2 after hitting rank 100 worldwide.

Swiggins2504d ago

You were rank 100 worldwide....mhmm sure....

Neko_Mega2504d ago

I was, on PSN. For the first two weeks that MW2 came out, don't care of some nobody believes it or not.

Doesn't change the fact that I will most likely have more kills then deaths then most people.

SnakeCQC2504d ago

whats so hard to beleive for a long time i was top 10,000(out like 1.6 million) when i played warhawk and then lost interest

Terrified2503d ago

You was rank 100 worldwide but you "hate playing COD most of the time." I'm sorry, but if you hate playing COD, you would never have been that high. You're bad.

2503d ago
SnakeCQC2504d ago

if the devs didn't have any beta and expected no glitches or vulnerabilities that is there bad but to completely ban someone from a game that was bought at an extortionate amount that is just crazy!

LOOK_AT_THIS_I2504d ago

yeah because some douchebag paid the same amount of money I did to play the game should be allowed to fuck up everyone elses gameplay online right? its good when cockroaches come out of the woodwork to defend the cheaters makes it a bit easier to ignore/avoid them in the future.

this is the only reason I think online passes should be used. when some jagoff gts hit with a ban, make them have to pay to get back online. it can be done with community mods just like they used to do in Resistance, when they are reported the mods step in and review and can monitor for the reported activity and "Boot" . Good Riddance you pieces of garbage.

SnakeCQC2504d ago

I haven't played a call of duty game since mw2 because of the cheaters and glitches. I'm just saying its wrong to completely ban someone for using glitches(something that could have been found out through qa and betas) a stat reset would have been more appropriate

Heartnet2503d ago

They would have had a Beta and Alpha and hired a company to do it for them :)

JUst cause it wasnt released to the general public dont mean they dont have a beta...

RioKing2503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )


BF3 had an Alpha and a Beta, and yet it still had it's problems when it launched..

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