Gamespot Reviewer Gives Details On The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword 7.5 Score In SW Magazine

Theparanoidgamer writes: "In the latest issue of SW The Magizine, Gamespot Tom McShea explains a little bit more as to why he gave the game the score it has and what changes he would like to come with Zelda."

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yesmynameissumo2381d ago (Edited 2381d ago )

What's the big deal? This is what flat dumbfounds me. We, as gamers but also as consumers, want accurate, unbiased, opinions on the games being slung our way. Then, when we potentially get exactly what we're asking for...we bitch. Have all the suspect reviews over the past 5yrs made us that jaded, that NOTHING can be reviewed without an Internet lynch mob forming quicker than a Kardashian gets on all fours? I read the review, all of you should, and he has some solid reasons behind the score. Control issues, control issues with Z targeting, predictable formula, and similar to other Zelda games in structure. You take the name Zelda off this and no one would give a damn about the score.

That said, I'm buying it. No review is going to keep me from doing so. I love Zelda, always will. Hell, it's why I own a Wii.

Nitrowolf22381d ago

I always enjoyed Zelda formula. It may be the same and all, but at least the stories and such are always different. Either the control issue is a very reasonable thing to say, even if I haven't played it yet, it's wat the reviewer experienced. as for this
"predictable formula, and similar to other Zelda games in structure"

Can't wait for Skyward Sword to ship to my house though. I bought a Wii originally for Monster Hunter Tri, but this Zelda game looks epic.

-Alpha2381d ago (Edited 2381d ago )

It's not meant to be a big deal-- it's more of a fun interview the forums did with the reviewer who agreed to stop in.

Lol'd at him rating the entire magazine a 7.5

Mykky2381d ago

We bitch because we think the score is undeserved. His minuses is also the contradict of what other reviewers liked. I actually think it is great so many shows passion for a game they love, but having said that, insulting the reviewer is stupid as they must be allowed to have their own opinion.
I have not played the game yet so I might agree in this review but I find it unlikely, I will of course buy it no matter what any reviewer says.

Loadedklip2381d ago

@Mykky ... I think that is the biggest problem with his review ... what he doesn't like about the game is EXACTLY what other reviewers praised. So it is not like he is saying things that other reviewers ommited but rather that other reviewers LOVED the controls and LOVED the new more direct structure. Nothing he said is "new". Just that he didn't like what others liked.

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CynicalVision2381d ago

He really doesn't need to explain himself.

BinaryMind2381d ago

Even if 7.5 was a bad score, the review should do the explaining for him.

Mister_V2381d ago

It's been so long since I've played a Zelda game. I'd love to see some sort of mature version make to the 360 or PS3 or something.

Nitrowolf22381d ago

I kind of think Darksider is that.

rezzah2381d ago

Darksiders is a mature version of Zelda?

Nitrowolf22381d ago

Kind of. I mean It has the feeling that it's trying to be. Many would say so to, at least when I read about the game the first time it released. IDk can't really explain it, but the feeling is there when you play it and then some God of War added to the mix

gnb20032381d ago

I am not sure why Nitrowolf is getting disagrees, as he is correct.

I have played Darksiders, and the formula for that game is basically the Zelda formula - overworld where you move from dungeon to dungeon, in each acquiring a new tool or weapon that you not only use to beat the corresponding boss, but also allows you to open up new routes in the overworld. The major difference being that combat in Darksiders is more like GOW, but the structure of the game is distinctively Zelda like.

By the way, if you haven't played Darksiders and enjoyed GOW and Zelda, I highly recomend this game - it is really fantastic.

Eamon2381d ago

Got it one day early. Just played a couple of hours and I already can tell this is game of the year material.

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