Free Realms free to play game - new screenshots for Sony PS3

Free Realms free-to-play online game from the house of Sony Online Entertainment LLC (SOE) features endless array of exciting gameplay equipped with adventures to entertain wide audience of gamers.

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yesmynameissumo2468d ago

Is this a kiddie MMO or a casual MMO?

Godmars2902468d ago

Casual aimed at kids and tweens I think. Though anyone over twenty in there should be worried about.

More so if you've just meant them in the real world after you've crossing state lines and discovered they're over 40 and named "Bubba."

By then it'll likely be too late mind you...

gameguidedog2468d ago

Definitely kiddie gameplay and mini-games, saw this at E3 and much of it looked pretty engaging be it for a youngster crowd. Kind of like a G-rated Diablo-esk MMO if you will...