DirectX 10 - has it delivered? The big PC gaming revolution. Or is it?

CVG writes:

"DirectX 10 has now been with us for around a year, debuting with the launch of Windows Vista. Since then we've been told numerous times that it'll raise the technology bar and kick-start a whole new gaming revolution on PC. 12 months on, has it?

Here's a lovely quote from Microsoft's Games for Windows website: 'DirectX 10 will provide an incredibly detailed experience for gamers of every type, and will enable game creators to increase a game's level of realism, enhancing details and complexity in gaming worlds, apply effects like dynamic lighting and weather, and much more.'

A bold statement, but to date has it delivered?"

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MK_Red3952d ago

The real question IMO is not has DX delivered. It's does it matter when non-DX10 consoles have Gears of War, Killzone 2, Little Big Planet, RE4, and such?

xav09713952d ago

crysis is the game that proves you can still have beautiful graphics out of dx9. I do dx9 hack on crysis for very high settings and it's gorgous and runs faster than dx10 very high settings. sli doesn't like dx10. when the next xbox comes out I'm sure it will use dx10 then you will start to see what it can do but until then keep dreaming.


killzone 2 on a supercomputer ps3 and other ps3 games own all dx up to 90