4.7 Gummy Bears: Magical Medallion - Wii Review

"Soft and chewy, consuming a handful of gummy bears is a delight to more than just children. With the right soft-and-chewy texture, they're a nice little snack to have during the day. I was kind of reminded of that as I played Gummy Bears: Magical Medallion. Besides the obvious candy relationships, the experience here can also be seen as a light snack in that it's just the right length for a child to be amused with for a short while before wanting to move on to something else. But as it turns out, the "texture" of this game is more comparable to the kinds of gummies you'd get from a generic brand -- it's what you asked for, but you can tell it's not the same." --

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Mykky2312d ago

Only 47/100!? Dissappointing but I won't cancel my preorder because of a sucky review!