Interview: Bohemia Interactive’s CEO on fighting piracy, creative DRM

PC Gamer's Nathan Grayson writes, "DRM is among the worst things ever to happen to gaming. In many cases it’s intrusive, infuriating, and the worst DRM can even stop your legitimately purchased game dead in its tracks. But hey, at least DRM finally made piracy walk the plank and cackled maniacally as our team of trained sharks devoured it forever, right? Oh wait..."

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Dante1122466d ago

"Bohemia has gained an element of notoriety for its use of a DRM system called DEGARDE (formerly known as FADE), which introduces bugs to pirated copies of the game.“The motto is: Pirated games are not worth playing, original games do not degrade. Some of the symptoms are funny, usually annoying,” Spanel explained.“In the Arma series, players with pirated copies have lower accuracy with automatic weapons in both single player and multiplayer, and occasionally turn into a bird with the words ‘Good birds do not fly away from this game, you have only yourself to blame’.

LOL, epic. Next gen console devs need to use this anti piracy system in their games.

ATi_Elite2466d ago

I liked what R* used for GTAIV DRM when the screen would just shake like a "drunk mission" but worse and the controls were all messed up.

that crap literally made me sick.

hiredhelp2466d ago

Oh no DRM hand on face.

Kostchtchie2466d ago

only people that drm or any of this other shit they use hurts is the LEGIT users, and developers will only hurt them selfs in the end by having legit users say bollocks to this and go the way of the pirate, the industry instead of taking small % loss in sales, is so fucking greedy they will do and use everything they can even waste MILLIONS like ubisoft on drm garabage that does not work