Rayman Origins Review - Rayman Origins is a breath of fresh air. Just as gamers were being bombarded with war-torn worlds and dragon slaying epics, Ubisoft's beautiful platformer peeks its little head out from nowhere, revealing a true gem in a seemingly dying genre. Just as platformers were relegated to downloadable platforms like Steam and Xbox Live Arcade, Rayman Origins proves that classic gameplay for an old style still provides room for innovation. This mind-numbingly difficult adventure is a real treat on your own or with friends, further complimented by a stunning world and a charming soundtrack. Rayman is back with vengeance, here to prove that the traditional 2D platformer still has a place in the industry.

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Sizzon2465d ago

Getting really great scores and I liked the demo, hmm maybe I'll get it ;)

ssb31732460d ago

This looks to be a decent game, can't wait for my copy