HQGames: FFXIII-2: Successful Sequel or Another Final Fantasy Flop?

HQGames says: "Last year Square Enix presented it’s fans with the first next-gen installment of the Final Fantasy series “Final Fantasy XIII”. XIII had been in development for around 4 years, and information concerning the game was scarce until 2009. Yet it seemed that the more fans learned about the game, the less positive their feelings toward the project. What had begun as an impressive sci-fi JRPG game adventure soon appeared more as a melodramatic, gimmicky cinematic flexing session of a game. When it was finally released, it was confirmed to be as bad as we could have guessed. The game was a dull slideshow of sudden meaningless plot developments, unconvincing character motivations, levels made up of long winding hallways, and repetitive gameplay. Yet nearly a year later Square Enix revealed that they were planing a sequel in Final Fantasy XIII-2. With such poor reception, who could expect a sequel? And more importantly, do we want to give it another chance? Following are some...

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rabidpancakeburglar2462d ago

It all depends what is meant by successful. This game has a lot of haters who didn't like XIII and completely ignore the massive improvements made to this game over XIII by claiming that it's just the same or that it's just cut content from XIII so that may massively affect the sales. In that way it could be a failure.

In terms of critical success it doesn't look like a game that will get an average review score of less than 85, including the obviously troll reviews that will come with it. So I expect it to be a critical success.

Afrobutt2462d ago

By successful I mean in regards to community opinion. I have no doubt that people will buy it, and that's what I'm trying to draw attention to. People already have a horrible opinion from XIII, which in retrospect looked like a legitimate game before the released, and you expect people to feel skeptical.

On the other hand, I read SE had serious development issues with design and whatnot. Yet if this game's a fluke, what does that say about SE? Know what I mean?

rabidpancakeburglar2462d ago (Edited 2462d ago )

Well community opinion will obviously be split. You will have the people who will love the game like me and you will have the people who loathe it.

I think that it will be a genuinely great 90+ game but I may be wrong (although what I've seen so far would make me think I'm right). I think generally people will love it, and there will be a lot of people who will hate on it without playing it as they didn't like XIII. Most of the people who didn't like XIII didn't even finish it because of the linearity. I think the games sales could be affected by the fact that there are a lot of people who may want to try it but don't want to finish XIII.

I haven't heard of any development issues but then I don't pay attention to every FF article I see.

RedDead2462d ago

I hated FFXIII. I stomached 22 hours of it and got to pulse to realize there was no difference. But I saw the potential in it. FFXiii-2 could be amazing. Depending on how S-e has handled it. I know it's still overdramatic but so long as battles aren't the only thing you can do and you get breaks from them it could be grand. There was literally no point to movement in FFXiii.

Army_of_Darkness2462d ago (Edited 2462d ago )

Square enix did an excellent job with rpgs last gen and the one before that which was why everyone had high hopes for final fantasy 13, until we all finally got to play it. Complete crap and clearly a massive dumbed down FF game in comparison to the previous ones.
So its very clear that they got lucky to sell as much as they did cause I guarantee that ff13-2 will not get nearly as much sales. Plus, FF14 didn't help give confidence to us either...

TheBlackMask2462d ago (Edited 2462d ago )

"This game has a lot of haters who didn't like XIII and completely ignore the massive improvements made to this game over XIII by claiming that it's just the same or that it's just cut content from XIII so that may massively affect the sales. In that way it could be a failure."

We hated it for a good reason....

I hate the people who liked FF13 and call the "haters" because we actually have common sense and know a crap game when we see one. Were just FF fans that knew that this game wasn't anything like a FF game.

"completely ignore the massive improvements made to this game over XIII"

The game isn't even out yet, how do you know there improvments. Most of the people who got theirs hands on it at E3 etc said in a way Square basicaly BS us so we would buy it again, some went on to say it was even worse and that it's really only made for the people who liked FF13........and yeah it is made by left over content. Square hates wasting anything and with the bad start FF14 got off to they needed something that would be cheap and could pull in a bit of money, the soulution FF13-2, theres already a small fanbase and all they have to do is trick the other ones or how you like to call them the so called "haters".

All Square are doing is exgerating the improvments, give people hope so they will buy the game.

I hope it fails because I never want to see Sqaure do this stunt again. The old FF fans...sorry I mean "haters", will never get a good FF game because people like you are happy with whatever crap Sqaure throws at you.

It was a crap FF game....accept it

rabidpancakeburglar2462d ago

I'll tackle this bit by bit.

I had no double meaning when saying haters, I just meant people who don't like the game. XIII was not a bad game no matter what you believe. A bad FF game, fair enough, I'll give you that but it was a good game.

"The game isn't even out yet, how do you know there improvments"

The whole paragraph you wrote, including that is the biggest load of bollocks I've ever read. The reason I know about the massive improvements is because I have actually read the content of a lot of these XIII-2 articles and seen gameplay, if you weren't someone who comes onto articles for a game that he hates and trolls then maybe you would've noticed the changes.

Your second point about people at E3 coming back with negative opinions is also wrong, in almost every single thing I've read about peoples experiences of XIII-2 they have been positive and said that it is much better than XIII.

"and yeah it is made by left over content"

No other way of putting this, absolute bullshit. Try reading about the game instead of just jumping on an interview which stated they couldn't fit everything the wanted to XIII.

I don't have anything more to say except that I know that you will blindly refute everything I say, ya daft troll.

TheBlackMask2462d ago (Edited 2462d ago )

Oh look at that....what an immature respnse.

and LOL

"I don't have anything more to say except that I know that you will blindly refute everything I say"

Like you've just done with my comment....hypocrite

Oh and

"ya daft troll."

Bigger LOL...

You don't even know what the term really means, your just saying that because you don't like my opinion....basicaly backing up what you said to me "I know that you will blindly refute everything I say"

Idiots like you make me laugh, come back when you've calmed down

rabidpancakeburglar2462d ago (Edited 2462d ago )

lol I was right, what I actually wrote there was well reasoned and correct, yes I swore in frustration and called you a troll (which in relation to XIII-2 you are). The hypocrisy in calling mine an immature response is laughable. And I didn't blindly refute what you said, try reading up on the game as I recommended.

Ezio20482462d ago

i have loved FF7, FF9, FF10 & FF12.
rest all sucked and neither do i care about this one...though i am excited for FFV13!!

Jdoki2462d ago

SquareEnix need to stop trying to Westernise their games. They obviously don't get it. Capcom just about managed the transition successfully, but SE have not got a clue.

People loved the Final Fantasy games because they were so fundamentally different. SE's desire to grow revenue by exploiting Western gaming tastes has backfired.

Final Fantasy XIII is the first one I couldn't be bothered to finish. I doubt I'll be buying XIII-2

D3mons0ul2462d ago

What about FFXIII-2 looks westernized?

Afrobutt2462d ago

This is an interesting comment. I'd certainly agree that FFXIII and it's sequel are playing towards a western taste in games. Yet I recall reading that the game was better received in Japan than in the states.

I wonder if they might be trying to create a transition using Western style design for their Japanese consumers.

CLOUD19832462d ago (Edited 2462d ago )

No matter what changes they make the game will sell much less than the first that's a fact and no1 can deny it.
The reason is simple all those people that hate the game and I speak for both those people that finish and didn't finish the game will not buy the sequel things r so simple.
Ofc some new kiddies that dont care about all those things the old fans want (like Story,Characters,Gameplay,Expl oration,Secrets,Replayability, mini games,world map,towns,shops,interaction with npc's etc..) and they r satisfied just watching glossy graphics and sparky effects, like the game those will be the only people will get the sequel.
SE know this imo they already know the sequel will sell much less but they dont care simply because they use cut content from the first so even half sales will be enough to make some profit from recycling material that it was useless anyway.

Afrobutt2462d ago

I think there will be a certain demographic of Final Fantasy fans who will want to play this. We expected quite a bit from Final Fantasy XIII, and I think fans are still hoping for a well made, next gen installment and see possibility in the sequel. It's a second chance for the developers to present the game the way they'd originally intended to, using the feedback and mistakes from the first game.

Ddouble2462d ago

FFX's sequel also sold less. Facts are sequels to FF numbered games will always sell less even if they are better or worse because it's hard to appeal to every FF fan.

D3mons0ul2462d ago

We could wait until the game is out but it's much more fun to do this.../s