Happy Birthday PSN

With today marking the fifth birthday of the PS3 in the US, it means that it is also the 5th birthday of the fully-fledged PlayStation Network on the console. To celebrate the momentous day, we chatted to a trio of indie developers who have created, and are working on, some fantastic games for the service. - PSLS

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Yi-Long2198d ago

... what free stuff will we be getting!?!? :P

decimalator2198d ago

A 13 hour scheduled maintenance? :)

Iamback2198d ago Show
Hellsvacancy2198d ago (Edited 2198d ago )

And features removed (game sharin)

Edit: "slow psn" wtf, and in 5 years how much hav i paid to play online? (other than my isp bill) NOTHIN, you on teh other hand.......

PirateThom2198d ago

"Game sharing" is why it's being removed, it wasn't supposed to be for sharing games. It was to let you redownload content if something happened to a PS3, now it's requiring you to deactivate a broken console through a website instead.

rezzah2198d ago

Wow lamback

pure trolling without trying to be subtle in anyway.

You received a hard earned -bub for being such a smart person.

darthv722198d ago

sony would have demo's of mini's. Or...more demos of games period.

I like to try before i buy.

SoapShoes2198d ago

@PirateThom - I am glad that they are allowing you to deactivate PS3s on your account via website. I had to make a new account a long time ago because I could not do this.

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Trainz2198d ago

Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday to PSN.
Happy Birthday to you.

LostTokens2198d ago

That'll be three updates and $500 please.

So... five more years?

PirateThom2198d ago

Even though PS3 only came out in March, it's insane to think how far the console and service have come.

The store especially, from a webbased store with no background downloading to a full functioning dynamic store with automatic downloads.

doctorstrange2198d ago

It's crazy to think of the state of the store back in the day when you look at it now.

Silly gameAr2198d ago

Definitely has come a long way.

JonnyBigBoss2198d ago

How do I get a cake for PlayStation?

doctorstrange2198d ago

Shove it in the Blu-ray drive

belal2198d ago

but why the maintance today on it's birthday? are we getting something new on psn?

doctorstrange2198d ago

It's to limit game shares - http://playstationlifestyle... - so yeah, pretty crappy timing

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The story is too old to be commented.