Burnout Paradise interview: 'we've loved PS3 from the start'

It seems every racing game is embracing the current generation of consoles by sticking a massive free-roaming world into their previously linear framework, but Burnout Paradise looks truly standout.

Developer Criterion promises the next instalment's sunny island will be both brimming with things to do behind the wheel and incredibly accessible to any type of gamer (it's got no loading and no front-end whatsoever). Oh yeah, there's lots of crashing as well.

CVG recently sat down with Paradise's producer Nick Channon and he answered the following questions, among others:
- Why did Criterion decide to make the PS3 their main SKU for Burnout?
- Why most developers are making Xbox 360 the focus platform for their games? Is it just because it was out earlier?
- What kind of advantages has leading on PS3 given Criterion in terms of exploiting that specific hardware?
- What does Paradise have to offer hardcore fans?

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Skerj3912d ago

Good, make the game not suck like Dominator did. That's aaaaaaaall I ask.

MK_Red3912d ago

That game (Dominator) was co-developed by non-Criterion EA UK team and main Criterion team was working on Paradise (Burnout 5 back then).
And come on, Dominator wasn't bad. It wasn't up to Burnout's standards but still was one of the best racing games I've played.

Can't wait for Paradise :)

Skerj3912d ago

Hah alright I'll give you that one, they just stripped all of the awesome things they gave us in Revenge so it felt like a downgrade. I'm eagerly awaiting Paradise though, I wonder what online mode is going to be like.

marinelife93912d ago

I like the no load streaming technology in games. Hopefully more and more developers go that route. It keeps you in the game experience.

Crazyglues3912d ago

I Can't wait for Paradise :)

Doppy3912d ago

Online is supposed to be as seemless on PS3 as it is during gameplay. You just drop in to the race you want and your ready to go.

Polluted3912d ago

The first Burnout game I ever played was Dominator on Xbox and I loved it. Of course I've played Revenge since then and it is better. If they can manage to really nail the "feel" of a Burnout game, which the guy did mention in the article, then I'll be happy.

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The Killer3912d ago (Edited 3912d ago )

it looks so cool!!
i loved burnout 2 and 3!!

i hope this turns out to be good and use the cells in the ps3 in a good way!! i would love to see the crashes!!


sh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!t this game is so cool!!!
i check it in gametrailers!!
i like the soundtrack also it reminded me of burnout 2 which had a great soundtrack!!

killer_trap3912d ago

this and gt will have my driving demon satisfied for years to come. i just hope they didn't catch an EA virus(crappy ps3 game virus) since they joined them.

razer3912d ago (Edited 3912d ago )

rid of all the things I loved about Burnout and are making it into some kind of lame Test Drive Unlimited knock-off. I mean come on no more slo-mo crash cam??? That was a huge trademark of the game..

Sad that this will be the first Burnout game I don't purchase. And with all their Sony nuttrubbin it isn't making me feel any better about it. We know how much hell the PS3 causes in multiplatform development and even though they keep using that same BS line of "they look identical" it's almost never the case with CoD4 being the exception(minus the crappy PS3 multiplayer).

Kleptic3912d ago (Edited 3912d ago )

you remind me of Farva from Super Troopers...just sort of a big idiot in an overall kind of way...

and "no more slow-mo crash cam"?...I take it that camera that shows a crash in slow motion after an accident in the game isn't a "slow mo crash cam"? are confusing...

Devr3912d ago

So you're choosing not to buy the game on your completely blind assumptions. Maybe you should wait for reviews before thinking your guesses are facts. And no slow-mo crash cam? What are you talking about? Slow-mo is still in as far as I know. Your probably saw some footage of the online play.

snakeater33912d ago

"Channon: In the past we may have just moved a PS2 game up to 360, but now we've made a game specific for next-gen. Part of that was using all the tech that we could and we felt that the cameras were so cool and underused."

bottom line : 360 is not next gen.....ps3 is. str8 from the devs mouth :) in your face mr t

razer3912d ago (Edited 3912d ago )

a Burnout game before?? When you get in a accident and you hold the A button down it goes into slo-mo and you steer your wreck and that adds to your score.(Aftertouch, thanks DJ I was going blank on what they call it) That is what I was refering to as the crash cam but yes Crash Mode isn't really present either. I have read the previews of this game a have been following it. The more I hear about it the more it is sounding less like the Burnout I love. Some quotes from the preview:

"Likewise, the Crash Mode isn't really present, but the game will track the amount of damage you do the entire time you're speeding through Paradise City. Brace yourself for some massive damage totals."

"The multiplayer component borrows heavily from Atari's Test Drive Unlimited, which was really the first "MMO racing game." In essence, Burnout Paradise takes place in a single city, whether you're offline or on."

Kleptic: How a complete jackass as yourself got so many bubbles is beyond me. You may not agree with me but your weak azz insult is uncalled for. Be glad you are on the other side of the internet.. Let me guess you are around 15?

Snakeater: There was one port to the 360 at launch, it sold like crap because everyone recognized it was nothing but a crappy port. So as you can see 360 people don't have all the faith that their ports, even from the PS3, will be worth a crap. Your bottom line is full of sh!t.

All of you guys are acting like I attacked your family or something.. I think you all need to take a break and maybe ask mom to take you to Chuckie Cheeze so you can burn off the extra enegery.

psychotic_duck3912d ago

It seems you are the one who's never played a Burnout game before, save for Burnout Revenge. 'Aftertouch', the feature where you steer your wreck into oncoming cars, was the new feature introduced in Burnout Revenge. Burnout 1 and 2 didn't have it.

As for your anti ps3 rants, please don't complain about "crappy PS3 multiplayer" when you probably have never even touched a Playstation 3. And none of the "my friend has one and he hates it" crap either. The majority of Playstation 3 exclusives and ports, have solid online experiences. This is included, but not limited to Resistance, R6:Vegas, and CoD4.

Also, you criticized someone for sounding like a 15 year old. I assume you're older, and thus it shocks me that someone OLDER than a 15 year old could be so immature.

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Probotector3912d ago

After the horrible Dominator, I don't expect anything great from Paradise.

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