GamerGaia Review: Halo:Combat Evolved Anniversary

The Xbox took off in large part because of the massive success of Halo and the subsequent games in the first-person shooter series. Now, ten years later, 343 Industries is taking over the reins of the series from Bungie and looking to reinvigorate the decade-old franchise. 343’s first entry into the Halo series is a remake of the first game, but does it work? Let’s take a look by diving into Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary.

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mcstorm2468d ago

My copy turned up yesterday of Halo CEA and I really like what has been done with this game. Yes the gameplay is dated but that is because its not been touched but the graphics update is really good and the Kinect add on to the game works really well. Yes it is just as good to use the controller to reload the gun or turn on the flash light but it is fun to say reload or flash light, scan ect as it adds something different to the game as is showing that things like this can work on Kinect.

ssb31732468d ago

This is a great game and it remastered in hd makes it even better