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In 2010, the console that “only does everything” added yet another feature to its already massive list of functionality – 3D gaming. Since then, Sony has done a fantastic job in implementing 3D into many of its games, as well as encouraging third-party partners to offer their games in 3D as well. As the 3D library has grown, so has the need for a low-cost, but high-value 3D display. Sony’s solution was revealed at E3 2011: a PlayStation 3D Display – a 24″ stereoscopic 3D display with an affordable $499 price tag.

The PlayStation 3D Display is now on sale at select retailers, just in time for the busy holiday shopping season. Has Sony created the must-have gift for gamers this holiday season?

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Sev2318d ago

I hope this does well so it encourages Sony to make larger, PlayStation branded TVs. I'd buy a 50 or 60 incher in a heartbeat.

doctorstrange2318d ago

I hope they do make a larger one, that'd be perfect.

miyamoto2318d ago

uh...just don't make it 46" big. Sometimes smaller is better just not so big like my 46" for lots of reasons.
I think 29" is just perfect.

decimalator2318d ago

Yeah, I'd like to see a 50-60" version. This one is great for small rooms, but not for a living room.

Coltrane_C2318d ago

Then buy a Bravia...Your going be paying every bit of 2000$. I have and I love it. Doubles as a Monitor and for my Ps3

Sev2318d ago

I got me a 3D Bravia already. It's top of the line, but this PlayStation 3D Display is actually a nicer-looking design.

Lifewish2318d ago

Don't have the cash with the Vita around the corner.

insertcoin2318d ago

Same here. There are too many "delayed" games and hardware in the next few months. Need to save the moneyz.

dougr2318d ago (Edited 2318d ago )

Does anybody have any numbers on the input lag yet for this television? I mean that is pretty important information for a gaming TV and is the only thing holding me up on buying it.

edit: I also see from reading the article that there is no way for firmware updates to improve the television which to me is a HUGE turn-off.

P_Bomb2318d ago

It's not a TV, just a monitor. But at 1080p, stereoscopic 3D with Simulview at 240hz out of the box, there's not much more you can ask for. What kind of firmware updates could it possibly need when your PS3 gets em already? You won't be using the monitor by itself.

Their "hold down the power on the PS3 for 10 seconds" and other weird sync instructions are just that. Kinda weird. It does not take 10 min to sync. Just plug in the HDMI, do an auto detect under the PS3 video/audio XMB to enable 3D playback and that's it. More like 2 min. I should know, I bought one. ;)

Default TV settings are even decent (standard/dynamic/cinema/custo m), it passed my RGB Full calibration swatches as is. 3D looks fantastic. Don't have a stat as far as input lag, but I haven't noticed any issues.

Only played it one night, haven't had time for more, but I think it's a great way to test the 3D waters before plunking down an extra grand. Got an extra copy of Motorstorm I need to trade in now as I already had a copy. I'm definitely a 3D convert though. Maxed out the GT5 settings in-game, ignored the ghosting for a sec and just marvelled at the 3rd person pop, even on the go-karts lol. The 1st party 3D games I have all seem to deliver thankfully, even SOTC looks great.

dougr2318d ago

I know it's not a tv, I know it is a monitor, but your reply didn't really address anything I said with anything measurable. My Samsung 3d LED television has firmware updates, why can't this 3d monitor? Regardless input lag readings are very important to me, because I play a lot of NHL 12 on my current monitor Samsung PX2370 which is pretty darn good, so if this isn't any better or at least as good with input lag, the 3d and extra inch in size isn't going to make me want to buy the monitor.

P_Bomb2318d ago

I can't address your question because I don't know what the input lag is, pointblank.

None of my computer monitors get firmware updates though or have USB ports. They're just monitors. My HDTV can, but I never expected this to replace my 52" Sammy. Not at half the size and with a fraction of the options/settings. It's very basic.

If you've already got a primary 3DTV which I gather you do, there's not much in this for you afaik. It's more of a starter kit. If I read anything specific about the input lag though I'll pass it on. In the meantime I'd just wait.

dougr2318d ago

Thanks, I've been searching everywhere for input lag. The reason I want this is to double as my computer monitor (I have a gaming computer) and I like the size at 24 inches. I'm not much on 3d but I have to think that this monitor should be good, but I'm still afraid to buy it without knowing the input lag which is how many frames pass after you press a button on the controller before the motion is shown on the screen.

Baliw2318d ago

I really need to know the dot pitch of this beauty.
Bigger than 0.27 is a nono for me.

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