The Skyrim is Limited

Bethesda, Gods of the RPG universe.Without them we wouldn’t have the Elder Scrolls, Fallout or even the ‘Home Alone’ game on the Nintendo Entertainment System. Every game, (Okay maybe not ‘Home Alone’) carries that warm and welcoming Bethesda feeling from the moment you turn the game on.

It is clear that every game has a familiarity with it’s predecessor. There are elements which, had they not been transported over then the game would suffered a lack of identity. The problem is sometimes when for no explainable reason they carry something across which needed to be fixed last time.

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PrimordialSoupBase2464d ago

Without them we would most definitely have Fallout. Good god, man, do a little research.

PeZuS2464d ago

I find it funny when people don't notice the '3' in Fallout 3.