Battlefield 3's infrared scope getting nerfed in upcoming patch

Developer DICE has revealed that they plan to "balance out" the infrared scope in Battlefield 3, a scope which some players believe is overpowered.

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Jobesy2347d ago

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flyinrhyno2347d ago

just wanna point out there wont be a multitude of cod fans on this post laughing or shouting with glee. but its good to see any developer tweaking a game to make it better

Sparticus_12347d ago

This is Gay....reason why..because if youre whining about it..youre getting owned by it. Its simple..equip the scope on YOUR gun and fight back...this is so Dice...anytime a few people cry like girls they change something. They never listen to people who actually play the game. Infrared works great in certain of gets all screwed up!

Hagaf222347d ago

That's my view too- it's not a cheat, it's available to everyone on every gun- INCLUDE SNIPERS- so I don't see why people whine about this. Why not worry about crap like flying snipers on mav's?

FunAndGun2347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )

There is also a skin you unlock at lvl 45 that conceals your body heat. the only thing that shows up on infrared is the players face.


solar2347d ago

Wow really? Ive complained about weapons i used in BC2 religiously because they were OP'ed. Thats a really dumb comment. Sometimes developers make mistakes when they make MP games.

Sparticus_12347d ago

I played over 1000 hours of bc2...the choppers were op'ed..they didnt change it..they got complaints about that like a mofo..they did because a couple titty babies cry about the night vision they are going to hit it....what a shame to mess up a good game..its available to all and everyone can use it...its simple...I still stand firm..if they are complaining about it..its because they are getting owned by it and cant or dont know how to combat against it.

cyborg69712347d ago

I better start using it so I can see what a the fuss is about. I don't get killed all the time by it so it must be some bad players crying.

ps921172347d ago

So far as I remember I have only seen 3 other people besides me use it. Taking into account that I have played a total of 65 hours.

awi59512347d ago

I only use it when people are camping up in the fuel tankers on operation firestorm. People can camp up there all day and its hard to get them out of the fuel depot flag.

Ashby_JC2347d ago

I have used it some and understand the complaints.

The main complaint is that it gives you a HUGE advantage in terms of spotting players that you normally would NOT see.

I know its a video game...but im curious as to IF this scope is THIS good in real life.

With the scope equiped I can scan the battlefield and see and spot enemies I would NEVER EVER see with a regular scope.

I have used the scope myself and I do better with it equipped. But I try and NOT use it to much as I honestly feel like im cheating if that makes any sense lol.

And when I get killed when someone is using it...I dont get mad at all. BUT can see some players being upset as the scope gives the player using it a huge advantage to the ones NOT using it.

Now the one weapon that I use that I love is the CLAYMORE!!!

I have like 90 kills with it. And have only been killed by it 2-3 times. I dont know why players are not using it...but its so easy to get kills with it.

I even got a double kill with a claymore! Im happy no one is using them IMO.

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