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Looking Back at the Water Temple: Best Zelda Dungeon Ever?

GameZone's David Sanchez looks back at the punishing Water Temple from Ocarina of Time. (Retro, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Wii)

Titanz  +   1470d ago
Sarcastically speaking...
wita  +   1470d ago
It's at least the most talked about Zelda dungeon ever.
TheBlackMask  +   1470d ago
Yeah because of the pain people went through with us having to keep equipting the heavey boots.

Honestly it was the biggest pain in OOT
TruthbeTold  +   1470d ago
It's extremely smooth and seamless on the 3DS with the touch screen ability.
ssb3173  +   1469d ago
The D£DS version is alot more fun to play than the original
Rockdown  +   1470d ago
I fritted away hours of life on that blasted water temple. However, beating it made me feel great.
TooTall19  +   1470d ago
I liked going into the fish. I thought that was a great idea. Then again having the water temple hidden at the bottom of a lake was also amazing.
Drake117  +   1470d ago
blah I hate that place!
Laxman  +   1470d ago
A lot of people hold to the thought of it being the worst, but I think its actually one of the better ones, simply because of how difficult its puzzles were and different from most of the other temples. The Forest Temple was far worse I think. Plus Dark Link is one of the best boss characters of all time.
pctrollv4  +   1470d ago
i still feel great whenever i beat this dungeon. I know by heart i played it so many times. I got stuck for a month the first time, could not figure it out for anything . There was one button i was missing to open the final door and i coudlnt find it. Good memories.
ssb3173  +   1469d ago
Same, best memory was probebly getting past the underwater chamber that took me a week
Tzuno  +   1469d ago
Nostalgia hits again.
ssb3173  +   1469d ago
Worst Zelda dungeon made ever!
Guypersonguy665  +   1467d ago
I don't understand why people complain so freakin much about the Water Temple. It became easy as hell on my 3rd playthrough. The only thing I hate is the stupid constant pausing. Maybe I'd the dungeon better on the 3ds version.

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