Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: Rampant Bugs Prevent Perfection

In Bethesda’s latest RPG epic, two mythical legends return to the kingdom of Skyrim. Mastering the reigns of the air and searing the grassy plains of the earth, are the games various types of Dragons. The second legend returning to the world of Skyrim is you, the Dragon Born. The legend has told of your return, and as you venture on the new journey, it's an adventure that’s filled with magic, beauty, and an enormous number of bugs.

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Bigpappy2347d ago

Before I read this, could someone give me the name of one perfect game? I can't think of any better than skyrim.

NuclearDuke2347d ago

Crash Bandicoot, Mario Cart 64.

Pokemon Red, Blue & Yellow.

Those four games strikes me as perfect for what they were and whom they were supposed to be played by.

Everything was flawless, straigth forward and fun.

SuperK2347d ago

Even though you may have enjoyed Crash *(cough)* Bandicoot and had alot of fun with said game, to call it FLAWLESS, i think is a bit of an exaggeration.

wallis2346d ago

Ya know what, Bethesda have gone and created a dynamic story driven content saturated world with a map the size of Wales and literally hundreds of hours worth of play time. You wanna go and program a God damn living world without a few bugs? They're releasing damn patches and the modding community, as always, will be right on top of it. To suggest for even a second that the bugs in this game reflect anything less than an impeccable work ethic on behalf of bethesda is insane. You think these guys sit around sipping coffee saying "I should fix that bug but.... so much effort! I'll sculpt a two hour dungeon with a scripted boss battle instead. Much easier".

The bugs are part of elder scrolls now. They're funny and the game saves so often you can get around them and if you get truly stuck hit the damn console and type "tcl" and bam you're sorted. Now stop whining that these people who have created a living breathing world just to amuse your whimsical fantasy haven't quite managed to get that system working perfectly.

D3mons0ul2346d ago

Patches for the console folks

Mods for the PC folks

Everything will be fine.

ssb31732341d ago

This is a really good game, would advise people to buy it, both those who have a ps3/xbox/pc or are planning/thinking of getting one