IGN: Battlefield 3: Second Opinions

IGN: Battlefield 3's fought through server woes, crashes, and glitches for its first three weeks in the wild. After giving Battlefield 3 a 9 in light of its stellar multiplayer, the servers have now stabilized, and other editors took up the fight and headed out into battle. So what did everyone else think? Read on to check out what the rest of the office thought of the game.

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hennessey862432d ago

I have just farted and it stinks

Johandevries2432d ago

I have to admit that I have recently committed the exact same action - but I have no shame!

hennessey862432d ago

staying around the smell refuses to leave

FlareDReborn2432d ago

Lmao this is a comment someone would post on youtube.

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cpayne932432d ago

I haven't played much, but the game just seems to lack personality to me. Maybe I just need to give it some more time?

Mustang300C20122432d ago

Just not my type of game anymore. I have it for the 360 and PC and I just have not had as much fun with the single player or multi as I have with Modern Warfare 3. It just doesn't excite me to really play it.

cpayne932432d ago

Well I don't like call of duty either, my favorite multiplayer was Killzone 2. I really like teambased stuff, but Battlefield 3's maps and vehicles feel boring to me. Maybe its just the whole presentation that doesn't sit well with me. BC2 even seems like it was more interesting, even if it didn't have quite as fleshed out multiplayer. I mean, I've had some fun on just feels a little stale to me. Again, I haven't played much though.

lMHl2432d ago (Edited 2432d ago )

this game is Balls Deep

Somebody2432d ago (Edited 2432d ago )

I have stopped playing the singleplayer. Can't remember where I left off in the SP...I remember being a F-18 back seat driver who for some strange reason is manning the jet's gun and then an incursion into Iran...meh

Too busy with the multiplayer to care.

I do wish they have offline/private maps for practice with aircraft controls. Just an empty map with buildings and static vehicles to blast would be fine. No need bots if they fear pirates would benefit from those maps like in BF 1942 and BF2/2142. Just a place for me to practice piloting without IR missle warnings blaring every nanosecond/some griefer shooting you down/waiting for the experts to be shot down and waiting again for the jet to respawn only to have the experts respawn in them again before you could.