Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway Interview - The Competition and Aliens

Gearbox Software president Randy Pitchford is one of the most enthusiastic game developers you're ever likely to meet. He's also extremely passionate about the studio's new Brothers in Arms game, Hell's Highway, and equally passionate about the World War II material that's been the subject of the series since Road to Hill 30.

Hell's Highway continues to story of 101st Airborne paratrooper Sgt. Matt Baker, with a fictional plot set against the backdrop of actual historical events.

For its third game in the series, Gearbox is covering Operation Market Garden, the ill-fated Allied operation launched in September 1944 that, if successful, would have likely ended the conflict by Christmas of the same year.

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candystop3736d ago

Ah man I'm so looking forward to this game and looking even more forward to Aliens! If Hells highway looks this good then Aliens just might be the game i've always dreamed it to be!

l3w153736d ago

Ive wanted this game since i first heard about it... great game and sounds n looking awsome

Call of duty n BIA is the best

MOH is crappy A/I and crap but anywaya BIA GETTING SOON AS IT COMES OUT !