Skyrim Unique Weapons Location Video Guide

GR - "Spoil yourself with this guide that shows you where to find each of Skyrim's unique weapons."

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Graey2378d ago plays...Welcome back to Douche Bag video. Hi I'm your host Brian Ryan. Today we'll be talking about all sorts of shit in skyrim.

No but seriously though I liked the guide but the guy could use a bit more etiquette.


Bathyj2378d ago

I dont know if I want to spoil this. Maybe on my second playthrough.

I've only just got a weapon from the Skyforge.

vickers5002378d ago

It's not very spoilery. He only shows the locations of weapons that aren't tied to any quests.

Since I don't use two handed weapons, the only weapon in this video I'd actually use is the Red Eagles Bane, (I have it, found it myself), but that's about it. I personally would have liked this guide, as I didn't have any weapons worth a crap for a good chunk of my time spent in the beginning of the game.

Xenial2378d ago

I'll pass on watching this. I want to experience Skyrim for myself; on my own.

Bathyj2378d ago

Ha, not to make fun of your language skills (although I guess I am) but that reminded me of my favourite line from Judge Dredd.

Stallone - l should've put you down myself... personally !

Does no one find that funny but me?

Kal8532378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

Wow this guy sounds like the Biggest Douche in the Universe. I guess he took the title from the previous holder, John Edward. Quite the accomplishment.