TouchGen: Space Tripper Review

TouchGen: Two years in the making, and itself a port of a game over a decade old, Space tripper has finally hit the AppStore… Was it worth the wait?

Space Tripper (also know as Astro Tripper on PSN and Steam for PC) is an arcade shooter where the aim of the game is to take out spawning enemies in arena based levels. Your ship faces - and shoots - in one of two direction (left or right), of which you can flip with a simple tap of the right hand of the screen. You can move the ship up, down, left and right by tilting the device. While I am a fan of tilt controls, particularly for racing games, when it comes to arcade games using tilt i’m generally skeptical. However, I’ll take the side of True Axis here and admit that touch controls wouldn’t work as well in this game, and would only complicate matters by covering the screen and conflicting with the simple direction and weapon changing hot spots.

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