Off Duty Gamers Blackwater Shoots Itself in the Foot

"The development team of Blackwater, as well as the supposed technical consultation that went into this steaming pile of tripe, have taken all their hard work and given us something to laugh at. This game is an insult to the gaming and military community. Erik Prince has tried to give the Blackwater name a better image, but instead turned it into a bad joke delivered by a stuttering comedian with lockjaw."

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bozebo2499d ago

1. Make bad Kinect game
2. Start advertising campaign
3. ????
4. PROFIT!!!

Blackdeath_6632499d ago

i would like to raise an issue and that is getting behind the couch like seen in video will pause the game. again false advertising like when kinect first came out and they had the clip of the kid scanning his skate board, whatever happened to that.


wow what a garbage of a much for kinect exclusive