Average Jane Gamer Girl Profile: Alyssa

Average Joe Gaming's first Girl profile, complete with image gallery!

See this sizzling girl and her favorite games and genres here.

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KingPin2311d ago

i just clicked the link coz i saw a hot chick in sexy lingerie.

then i followed it to the site and i was like....."MY EYES!!"

LightofDarkness2311d ago

Oh wow, I thought the article picture was what we could expect. That is one "Average Jane" to be sure.

Anyway, if videogames were about looks, I have a feeling there's be a lot less gamers, so meh.

malol2311d ago

1- the hell is she
2- why should i care ?
3- how is this news ?
4- so what if she games ??

im a gamer too i think i need a page on your website with my underwear .... NOT

STOP THIS CHEAP HITS articles form getting on this website !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pozzle2311d ago

Aww. I wouldn't say she's ugly...But that Luigi outfit does absolutely nothing for her.

spunwicked2311d ago

Agreed... perhaps the site owner should have been a little more selective with the pic he used!

LightofDarkness2311d ago

Yeah, what does her being hot have to do with her playing videogames?

Ocean2311d ago

I play games naked......