Mortal Kombat surprise incoming?

TVGB: Mortal Kombat father Ed Boon is teasing an incoming surprise from his studio, NetherRealm.

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SkidRowTrash2193d ago

This is cool. I really hope it is an expansion to the story of the game released as an add-on. That would be fantastic, with more characters and levels as well, maybe throw some extra challenges at the top of the tower too.

dgonza402193d ago

sounds like $15

which wouldn't be bad if it's has everything you just mentioned

SlickJ2193d ago

Please bring back create a fighter!!

BX812193d ago

Since thanksgiving is coming up. I think it's a dlc fighter. Possibly the turkey from the movie thankskilling!

JohnApocalypse2193d ago

Was that one of those fake trailers from Grindhouse?

JohnApocalypse2193d ago

I would like to see a IOS version of MK9

sxbrady2193d ago (Edited 2193d ago )

Keep this on real consoles please!

CrimsonEngage2193d ago

I thought Boon said no more DLC? Can't these guys make up their minds? At first he said as long as people play the game they will support it, then no more DLC, now they have a surprise?

Probably isn't DLC, it's probably an announcement of some sort but not DLC. Could be wrong though.

DirtyLary2193d ago (Edited 2193d ago )

Probably a rehash of the MK arcade games on PC news.

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