EDGE- Rayman Origins Review

Edge: In a world whose sales charts are regularly topped by ever-more-homogenised military shooters and action games, playing Origins feels like stepping into an alternate reality in which the 16bit era evolved by increasing in fidelity, not dimensions. So while Mario continues to make us reconsider 3D space and Sonic makes us reconsider buying any games that feature him nowadays, it’s left to Rayman to uphold the big-name 2D platformer. Going on this evidence, the genre is in very capable disembodied hands indeed.

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Titanz2463d ago

I also think NSMB, and DKCR, influenced this title.

NukaCola2463d ago

this game has really high scores

LNDCalling2463d ago

And it deserves them from what I've played of the demo :D

ShaunCameron2463d ago

Yeah. RO does remind me of DKCR, just minus the lives system.

kikizoo2463d ago

even if the game is really good, [email protected] and theirs attorney on n4G each time they are giving a 7 to the best games/ps3 exclusives.

i know we can't compare scores from different consoles, but they are proving again that they are giving "real" scores (near the metascores) for wii and xbox, but not for ps3.

ssb31732457d ago

This looks to be a decent game, can't wait for my copy