Mass Effect 3 Collector’s Edition Detailed, Bonus Character & Mission

Today it was revealed on a Collector’s Edition for Mass Effect 3 and all of the little goodies that it shall entail.

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C_Menz2311d ago

Oh yay and so it begins. Looks like you'll need to buy the CE for the complete experience. CE's shouldn't contain actual parts of a game. I am still holding out hope that EA doesn't fuck up ME3 but I am loosing hope everyday.

Megaton2311d ago

As I recently said in the forums, I feel like I'm being trolled every time some ME3 news comes out. BioWare and EA are determined to ruin this game. I'm totally washing my hands of BioWare after ME3, good or bad.

Swiggins2311d ago

Ok that's nice, I'll be having fun, good luck sulking.

Megaton2311d ago

Not too much worth sulking over after already knowing the disastrous plot.

grifter0242311d ago

I agree with Megaton. This game has become an abomination compared to the pedigree it started out with in Mass Effect 1.

EA and Bioware have literally sold out and casualized one of the best new IP's that has come out in the past couple of years.

You go from a good balance of RPG and Shooter and all the way to a casualized TPS shooterpg. You basically retcon everything you wrote over the past 2 games just to bring in MORE casuals because you think they want to play the game?!?! They didnt buy the first two games why the hell would they buy the LAST damn game in a TRILOGY! That is like George Lucas filming "Return of the Jedi," An saying to forget the whole plot of the first two and just make some stand alone makes no sense!

I loved the first , only preordered Mass 2 that whole year when it was coming out and now wont even finish the Trilogy for how horrible this has become.

"Mass Effect 3 is a good intro for people who havent played a Mass Effect game." That says it all.

49erguy2311d ago (Edited 2311d ago )

No way in hell I'm not getting the collector's edition. LORD I cannot wait for this game. THIS would take GOTY if it stayed with the original release date.

BTW this info has been on Amazon for months. Even has a few pictures.

SovereignSnaKe2311d ago

I want this to be the same size as the Metal Gear Solid HD Limited Edition!!! ^_^