2007: The Year of the Shooter

IGN PC team comments on genre trends, makes fun of itself:

"If you look back at our review list and sort by the shooter genre (we've done it for you!), it's pretty clear 2007 is one of the, if not the best year for first-person shooters, well, ever. There've been weird hybrid releases like S.T.A.L.K.E.R., thrilling reworkings of classic games like with Team Fortress 2, and some of the best graphics the video game industry has ever seen with Unreal Tournament 3 and especially Crysis, which I don't think I'm alone in saying looks absolutely phenomenal."

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led10903947d ago

crysis is the best game i've played this yr second wud be cod4(which turned out to be much better than i xpected) or portal

jinn3943d ago (Edited 3943d ago )

Halo3, COD4