Starhawk’s Private Beta Details Coming Tomorrow

"Earlier this year on May 13th when Starhawk was announced, it came as a surprise to very few with rumors and leaks circulating the net a couple years after the launch of Warhawk. What did come as a shock to gamers was the overall idea of Starhawk and its massive offering of gameplay elements LightBox Interactive, formerly known as Incognito, was preparing exclusively for PS3 owners."

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killajd2381d ago

Cant wait to hear what they are gonna announce!

killajd2381d ago

Thanks Nick for that heads up

negroguy2380d ago

Multiplayer game im waiting on right here.

ZombieAssassin2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

Can't wait to try this out, wasn't all that big into Warhawk (mainly cause I sucked at flying) but this game seems pretty interesting. It's also pretty awesome that they're putting in a story mode too, kept wishing Warhawk had one so at least now we get this.

Etseix2380d ago

my 700 hours in warhawk tells me ill have around 3000 hours in this one :D

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