DS Gets Vision

Remember AM3 and its attempt at bringing downloadable anime to the Game Boy Advance? They're back with their latest product, and this time it's for the world-beating DS.

The company unveiled today DSvision, a download service that promises to bring comics, books, magazines, anime, movies, and television programs to the Japanese DS. The service downloads content to special microSD flash cards, which are then plugged into the DS via a special adapter cartridge.

Fully licensed by Nintendo, the service will begin in full force over in Japan in March 2008. In coopration with its majority share-holder Dai Nippon Printing, a major Japanese printing company, am3 will open up an online shop for downloading content. The firms will also be working with NTT for the distribution of movies and other high memory content.

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PS360WII3882d ago

Very cool. Wonder if it will be picked up

Cat3882d ago

Japan only for now -- this is the kind of stuff I hope really takes off and makes it Stateside. Would make taking my DS with me when I travel that much more fun.

djt233882d ago

Very cool but why they cannt bring it over here