Modern Warfare is the Mortal Kombat of today's youth

Why do immature audiences crave mature titles? M-rated game sales need to be re-evaluated.

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THR1LLHOUSE2439d ago

The thing is (not to be crazy internet conspiracy theorist), is that the publisher's really have nothing to gain, and lots to lose, from regulating the sale of M-rated titles.

Sure, they support the ESRB, but maybe that's because they *know* the system doesn't really work all that well and they don't care?

LOGICWINS2439d ago

I don't think people comprehend how big COD is. All day on my campus I keep hearing, "Yo son u got Modern Warfare 3 yet?" It's a cultural phenomenon.

Septic2438d ago

Its true.

My girl-friends all know about the game, Facebook is inundated with COD related status', my boss knows about COD.

I still remember when I went to get COD at midnight last year at some random obscure supermarket here in London- there were over 200 people waiting to get it! It was manic and I didn't even get the game.

As much as we love to hate on the game, it is quite a sight seeing gaming garnering so much interest beyond your traditional gamer.

vilatimir2438d ago

I guess it depends on who you associate with. None of my gaming friends are into it that much.

Vladplaya2438d ago

Yep same here, most of my friends played first couple CoD games, but they are smart enough to realize that everything else is just same game re skinned and sold for price of full game.

We still having blast with CoD 2 over Lan once in a while, and that's good enough.

JeffGUNZ2438d ago

@ Vladplaya

Stop the generalization. You're stating that people who enjoy getting COD are not smart enough. Perhaps COd fans enjoy COD so much, they don't mind throwing $60 down for new maps, upgrades, weapons, perks, etc. It's great for them, they really only play COD so once a year they pay $60 for the new version.

NagaSotuva2438d ago

Does this mean MW4 will have a 2-player co-op campaign?

Agheil2438d ago

AHHH MK remember tryin to figure out the fatalities with friends. I miss those days is was all about sonic and MK, vector man, comix zone shiieeet. BACK then all u needed was a game and some friends, NOW u have to wait for dlc's to get the full game, online, online passes, hacks, online predidtors FUCK times have changed.

GraveLord2438d ago

Well stores are don't really sell M-rated games to minors. I should know. A couple years back I tried to buy Halo 3 with some lunch money I had stashed up from school. The guy at the register needed an ID. Long story short, I didn't buy Halo 3, I sold my Xbox 360 a few months later and have had a PS3 ever since.(Sold my 360 because it was showing signs of RROD. traded it in before I got screwed)

So when did Halo 3 come out? 2007. Its 2011 now and I can only imagine these rules aren't even more strict.

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