Xbox 360 Problems? How About Reading A Book, Son

CNBC business news reporter Jane Wells reports - Nov. 29, 2007:

"For months (her son has) been telling (her) there have been problems with the Xbox 360... the 'red rings of doom,' which signal the Xbox is 'fried.'

Well, I should have been paying attention. There are three people on our block who have Xbox 360s, and in the span of a month, all three consoles went on the fritz... The problem to begin with, is that any of the boxes have to be replaced at all. And the even bigger problem may be that the problem is getting worse (that's a lot of problems). Why worse? ...

I started asking around to determine how many people were having problems. Turns out..."

Please also check out the poll at on "have you had trouble with your Xbox 360?"

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Fighter3883d ago

Check out the poll on the site.

sonarus3882d ago

I got some very nasty responses--I was even accused of being a "Sony Fanboy" posing as a journalist!) lololol.

i thought that was hillarious

i have a 360 but i too have no intention of trading it for ps3 cus i have 1 of those too and am not silly enuff to buy 3 ps3's when the 1 i own still wrks fine. my 360 is still in ok condition aside frm a few disc read errors here and there. they seem to be happening more frequently now. As long as msoft is still making games there will always be 1 i wanna play like mass effect.

gamesR4fun3882d ago

over 50% have probs 17% no probs and the rest wont buy a broken console...
How do they stay in business?

RadientFlux3882d ago

yeah like I am going to believe an online poll. Polls are great for registering hits on a website but nothing else.

marinelife93882d ago

Calling someone's journalist mom a Sony Fanboy FTW! Welcome to our world Jane.

Mr PS33882d ago

It must suck to to own an xbox to know that at any moment them dreaded RROD will apperar and in my humble opinion the RROD is the greatest invention ever!! AND yes we all know of someone who have suffered and or gonna suffer the RROD
And just for for the record i voted yes on the poll and i dont even have a xbox and i urge my fellow PS3 owners to do the same Ha Ha lets kick em in the nuts while there down

marinelife93882d ago

That's okay "Mr PS3" I responded with the HONEST answer that I don't own one.

MS has some great games I want to play I'm just leery of all the hardware issues. If they truly are solved (I'm still waiting) then I'll go ahead pick one up as well.

unlimited3882d ago

i come to conclusion the more games you play on it the better chance it will die on you luck glad i dont jump in buyin a defective hardware..

The Killer3882d ago

imagine they were thinking the ps3 was dead and last week it outsold 360 worldwide.
and another thing is when ever u spend more hours in playing with 360 the more chances that it will die soon and rot!! xrots its time to change sides now!! u still have a change before the 360 get rotten so quickly and sell it and buy a ps3!!

godofthunder103882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

hell that's bullsh#t,ever since microsoft gave the 3 year warinty and started fixing the 360,the % of the rrod has drop a lot,that's why we don't hardly hear anyone talking about it.
why would a respected journalist get on a game site and post her so call problems on it and keep up with it,something isn't right here because i don't know 1 journalist that will worry about this,well if she a journalist then she's still a sonyfan or she was paid because you don't even hardly hear about the red rings of death,as a matter of fact the % decreased not increased like one sonyfan said.
why did she or he come out with this right before christmas,well the reason why she or he isn't a damn journalist like he or she claims,this is just a smear campain buy a fan or a sony employee because there's no way in hell this is true because the rrod been fixed for a while and she came out with this story right before christmas and she want us to belive that every 360 on her block broke.people need to start using their brains instead of reading and beliving every thing that critizise the machine you hate,because if she's a 360 fan like she claims then why did she come out and post a false story like this on the internet right before christmas and not talk about it on the air,some thing to think about isn't it and anyone can post a picture of anything or make up a picture to put on the net because i made pictures with stuff behind me.
people just have to use their common since instead of being a sony fanboy and stop being bias,how in the hell can something increased when the problem was fixed,and if it wasn't then why in the hell don't we hear it all over the net like it was when it first started happening,the reason IT'S FIXED,get over it sony fans,stop with the rrod,it hardly happen any more so please think of something else to critizise the 360 about if you can..

razer3882d ago

You know you secretly want a 360. Why else would someone go thru all the trouble you have to hate on it unless you have some sort of secret crush. Funny thing is even after they break on people they still don't want to buy a POS3.. LOL now that is funny and you are a sorry sack of crap. I wish I could take more bubbles from you but unfortunately I've done all I can.. Maybe somebody else can help me out??

HarryEtTubMan3882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

You have some serious problems... the biggest being your craptastic console... second being you're highly delusional... NO NO ONE WANTS A JUNKBOX UNLESS THEY'RE NAIVE, 14 AND LIKE GAYLO. I have one and just got my PS3 and FARRRRRRRRRRRR prefer my PS3.... AS do alot of thee other PS3 owners on this site prefer their pS3 over the junkbox. It's just a piece of garbage. I don't care for SCI FI shooters. PS3 rules. Blu Ray is craushing the competition. HDDVD IS LITEREALLY becoming a dead format more and more everyday. Wow. I love my PS3! Its gonna be a long 9 years for the Xbotx! They are gonna be called the NO BOTS in the next 2 years when their system doesnt even exist any more. HAHAHA


Mr PS33882d ago

Firts off Kiss my A$$ right in the middle fool
Ha Ha a little p!ssed are we sucka Ha Ha can't help but laugh at your post's your so full of SH!t you claim not to be a fanboy but everytime someone has a go at your beloved crapbox you can't help yourself what with MR T pointin his finger at us i feel well and truly chastised!!
Anyway want some tips!
You should end every sentence just like MR T you know call people fool and sucka and say things like Pain ,and i'm gonna bust you up,and that you'll destroy any man that try's to take away what you got(your crapbox) and do you put on a MR T voice when your typin your crap ? FOOL
Anyone more tip whay don't you get yourself ready for a plane flight SUCKA you know drink some milk or eat a burger and dont forget to put some of that stuff in there you know the stuff that knocks you out but this time triple the dosage and stay knocked out for a few weeks and do us a favour and dont come back SUCKA

mesh13882d ago


djevolve3882d ago

actually xbox out sold ps3. check vg charts

PS3PCFTW3882d ago

this article is bullsh1t!! bullsh1t i tell you!!

the 360 is the most reliable console ever!!

btw, HI!!! my name is Bill Gates, now RUN your money SUCKAS.

lessthanmarcus3882d ago

All 360s will break eventually. That's why I have two of them. When one breaks I have one to play while that one is away. Hopefully they don't crap out at the same time. And the only reason I have a 360 is for Halo. Oh, PS3 Fans, check out PAIN. It's pretty bad asss

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ktchong3883d ago (Edited 3883d ago )

The mainstream media has finally started to report on the problem. First Wired. Then CNET. Then Fox (not on red ring but the abusive behavior of Xbox users.) Now CNBC. All within a span of just a week. Seems to me this is the beginning of the end for Microsoft and Xbox...

mccomber3882d ago

It certainly isn't a good time of year for these stories to be coming out... at least, if you own stock in MS it isn't.

Fighter3882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

I'll wait till Ninja Gaiden 2 to buy a 360 unless the problems still exists with those new chips.

actionjackson3882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

Not quite sure your statement is correct. From what I gather, MS has issued a $1 Billion warranty program and sends out refurbished units to existing users. Is that a fix to the problem? I'm not being sarcastic, I just want to understand your point. I'm one of those unfortunate ones that has had this problem on a few occassions and sending in my console for a re-furb isn't really solving the problem.

SKullDugger3882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

You send MS your console they send you back a refurb. In my eyes that is wrong You by a new car take it in for warranty work they don't give you a refurb. car the reason MS does this is because there are so many consoles breaking and in need of repair so they send you a refurb. repair the one you sent in and send it to someone else that sent theirs in a revolving door system. Nintendo and Sony both repair "YOUR" console and send back the same one you sent in for repairs, MS can't because there are to many failures right now. A 3yr. warranty for RROD does not "FIX" the problem its like putting new paint on a rust car it looks better but its still the same old rusty car. The money we spend for a console or any product supports that company and they should treat us with respect and a quailty product its "OUR" money and support that keeps these companies doors open.

djevolve3882d ago

They are putting the new felcon chip in and also putting new heat sink shelds in.

GunShotEddy3882d ago

The 360 "use to" suffer a problem with hardware failure? Who knew? Good thing this story brings some new info to the table. Thanks CNBC. And thank you Sony fanboys for letting us know what fools we are for buying such a silly console with tons of games and a hardware issue that's been fixed.

kurochi3882d ago

ha ha ha What's the point of having good games when you can't play it on your console???? Please no flame-wars. I'm just asking a legitimate question.
I just wish MS would admit that they were wrong for pushing out a product that's poorly designed and move on. It would make their customer (me included) restore some faith in the company and move on with this issue. An general apology is all that's needed with this issue. Instead of an apology, MS has to deal with this public relations nightmare and attacks from Sony-and Nintendo company. So you lose MONEY AND your NAME in the process. While if the right apology is issued, you only lose money in the whole process.

unlimited3882d ago

it have games alright to crap out your system!!lol..

SlippyMadFrog3882d ago

I guess you don't own an Xbox360. If you did, then you would know that it takes only 3 weeks to get your console fixed, and that is if you are part of the unlucky 33%. Believe me, you have plenty of time to enjoy the amazing games the Xbox360 has to offer. I have been enjoying it for a full year.

v1c1ous3882d ago

that the media is starting to present outdated news as breaking info.

*sniffle* brings a tear to my eye

next thing you know they will start doing reports on old people playing the wii (for the 40th time) or the ps3 sales being dissapointing.

Dlacy13g3882d ago

I mean honestly...this is like 3+ month old news. Where were these guys when MS announced the 1 billion set aside for repairs? Seriously were they all sticking their heads in the sand or what? I mean come on...MS has a press release about a 1 billion dollar repair warranty extension and NOTHING from the mainstream press, but little miss blondie face lift has her kids 360 die and its national news! gotta love the mainstream press....NOT!