ForceTime: Don't Like The Spike Video Game Awards? Then Ignore Them!

This week, writer Sebastian Force addresses those who complain about how stupid the Spike Video Game Awards are.

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thereapersson2465d ago

I can't say I've ever watched a single episode of the VGA's since they've aired on TV.

Megaton2465d ago

Yeah, never rock the boat. If you don't like something, just accept it for what it is and go sit in a corner. Don't try to change anything in life.

ginsunuva2465d ago

Don't try to change anything in life? Wow you give up easily.

zerocrossing2465d ago

Leave out "/s" at your peril, so it seems :/

zerocrossing2465d ago (Edited 2465d ago )

It's not that me taking it seriously is the problem, it's that the whole industry does.

The industry is having to change and adapt to what they are being told is what "everybody wants" a game gets a load of VGA awards for this and that, and suddenly all the devs are changing (or westernising if we're including Japan, which we damn well should be doing) their games to try and make them more like the games that are getting all the awards, which would be great if the games getting awards genuinely deserve them.

So to summarise, VGA is detrimental to the games industry, imo of course.

Dlacy13g2465d ago

I love the idea of the VGA's I just hate the presentation. Our industry is big enough and commands enough dollars that a public awards show makes sense these days.

I would like it to be an actual awards show, not a hour long paid for infommercial for new game announcements. Make it a black tie affair... give it the glitz and glam of an Oscar show. Ditch the rows of screaming kids near stage... fill the audience with peers of the industry.

Just my two cents mind you... I am sure I am in the minority on this.

brish2465d ago

When did the Oscars become an actual award show?!

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