I never related to Link until Skyward Sword

Past Zelda games have starred a Link who came from nothing. For a guy from suburbia who was handed everything, that's hard to relate to, but Skyward Sword is different.

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THR1LLHOUSE2291d ago

Pretty interesting piece.

It's always cool when you can really relate to character, whether it's in a game or not.

Sadie21002291d ago

This is a very interesting take on Zelda/Link...but I'm not sure it's enough to make me play it over Skyrim....

Kur02291d ago

I actually have both right now and I can't put Skyward Sword down, I'm waiting for Bethesda to patch Skyrim for PC because I have gotten some crazy bugs.

NagaSotuva2291d ago

I feel for that Kokiri kid puking deku seeds into a bag.

TheBlackMask2291d ago

They need to evolve and get Link to speak

I want Link to grow some balls so we can see a full on conversation between him and Zelda.

StraightPath2291d ago (Edited 2291d ago )

soon as he speaks it can be a disaster. Look what happen when Sonic started speaking...



UltimateIdiot9112291d ago

Like Froggy and Samus.

Sometimes, it's better to keep one's mouth shut.

SugarSoSweet2291d ago

Sorry but this game sucks OOT ftw