4 things Need for Speed: The Run has learned from Fast and Furious

The latest game in the Need for Speed series has picked up a few of the better characteristics of the Fast and Furious movies, with the result being a better game.

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THR1LLHOUSE2379d ago

As mildly ashamed I am to admit it, that Michael Bay trailer actually got me a little interested in this game...

Sadie21002379d ago

You should be ashamed! :P

NagaSotuva2379d ago

I haven't played a Need for Speed game since...never.

Dunpeal2379d ago

Yeah, I feel like they need a game that is a good mix between solid racer and solid 3rd person action when your driver gets out. Tired of driving around in cool cars and cool environments that I can never interact with and my driver looks like he was rendered in NES 8bit glory

SnakeCQC2379d ago

if only the devs learned from criterian and hot pursuit

bozebo2379d ago (Edited 2379d ago )

"The latest game in the Need for Speed series..." "... is bad."

fixed ^